All that is required to complete it to 100% in Grand Theft Auto 3 – Ultimate Edition

unlike Underworld And San AndreasThere are no in-game rewards for 100% completion in Grand Theft Auto 3. However, there are plenty of rewards for completing some of the smaller tasks that contribute to 100% completion, not to mention the countless trophies/achievements players can unlock. For many players, it’s not about the rewards anyway, but rather the bragging rights gained by mastering such a popular game.

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Among others, those who hope to achieve a 100% achievement in Grand Theft Auto 3 You’ll need to complete 76 missions, steal and deliver 39 vehicles, and find over a hundred collectibles hidden across the game’s three main islands. Needless to say, they’re going to have their work cut out for them, with a full game run usually well over the forty hour mark. It’s far from easy, although it can be a lot of fun for those who enjoy carnage.

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Story missions


There are 51 story missions in GTA 3, some of which can actually be missed and can prevent players from reaching 100%. To avoid this, players must make sure to finish all other tasks in Portland before completing Salvatore’s Last Orders. Likewise, players will need to finish all Kenji missions before dealing with the “Waka-Gashira Wipeout!” and Asuka’s “Two-Faced Tanner” mission before completing “Grand Theft Aero”.

8 ball give me freedom
Luigi Gutierrelli Luigi girls
Don’t spank ma bitch
blurry push for me
pimp action pump
fuzz ball
Joy Lyon Mike Lips’ Last Lunch
li chung farewell “chunky”
Van Heist
cyberian driver
dead skunk in the stump
Tony Cipriani take out the laundry
Salvatore called a meeting
Triads and tribulations
fish strike
Salvatore Leon Accompanied by
cutting the grass
Da Bomb Base: Chapter One
8 ball Da Bomb Base: Chapter Two
Salvatore Leon Recent orders
Asuka Kasen Sayonara Salvatore
On probation
Paparazzi cleanse
Ray’s payday
Double sided tanner
Espresso 2 Joe!
Kenji Cassin kanpo statue
Grand Theft Auto
robbery deal
Ray Machowsky sneaking silence
lack of weapons
Evidence dash
He went fishing
plaster blaster
marked man
Donald Love editor
Waka-Jashira Wakaout!
drop in the ocean
Grand Theft Aero
Protection or escort services
disappearance of love
Catalina ransom

Phone missions

gta-3-100 percent-task-accomplished phone

In a nice nod to the original Grand Theft Auto For games, Claude can pick up additional missions from certain payphones across the three game islands. Missions from Marty and El Burro are delivered from the payphones located in Portland, while the payphones for King Courtney and D-Ice are located on Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale respectively. In all, there are 17 telephonic assignments, with Ray handing out five and the other three delivering four each.

Marty Chunks crook
the thieves
the wife
her lover
boro turismo
I scream, you scream
Experiment with fire
Big N’ Veiny
King Courtney Bling Bling Scramble
Uzi Rider
A tour around Gangcar
Kingdom come
Dice Uzi Money
Toy Minator
fake to blow
alloy running

side missions

In addition to being able to pick up quests from payphones, players can also find them by riding certain vehicles. Off-road and RC vehicle missions are triggered by entering specific vehicles through Liberty City, while the four vehicle missions can be triggered by pressing the d-pad while inside any ambulance, fire truck, law enforcement vehicle, or taxi. Completing car missions will also earn you special rewards, including health, adrenaline, police kickbacks, and a flamethrower in each safe house, as well as the infinite sprint and the Borgnine taxi, which is one of the fastest vehicles in the world. GTA 3.

Offroad missions patriot stadium
Multi-storey mayhem
A trip in the garden
car missions Paramedic (full level 12)
Firefighter (20 fires per island)
Sentinel (kill 20 criminals per island)
Taxi Driver (Complete 100 taxi fare)
RC vehicle missions Destroy Diablo
mafia massacre
Casino disaster
Rambo Rampage

import and export


Those who are looking to earn some easy money in Grand Theft Auto 3 You will definitely want to check out our import/export garages and cranes. One of each is located at the Portland Dockyards and a garage in Shoreside Vale. Each has a list of vehicles that players can track and they will pay for each one that players provide. Upon completion of the list, players will be rewarded with $200,000.

Civil (Portland) BLISTA
american wild cat
Fitness Trainer
Mr. Whoopi
Emergency (Portland) Ambulance
ol’ barracks
FBI car
Fire truck
police car
Suburban (Shoreside Valley) trees
BF . injection
taxi driver
the stinger



As is the tradition for Grand Theft Auto games, GTA 3 It features plenty of collectibles hidden across its three islands. Players will need to collect 100 hidden packs, complete 20 revolutions And master everything 20 unique jumps If they reach 100% complete. All three combos have rewards/achievements assigned to them and you will pay out an appropriate amount of money upon completion, while collecting all packs will also cause certain weapons to appear outside of each Claude’s safe house. Although it can be tempting to deal with all the collectibles after completing the main story, it is useful to track down the items in Portland before the second island is opened, because doing so after that will be very difficult due to the hostility of the mafia towards Claude.

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