Iron Man Godbuster Armor vs. Mr. Suit Fantastic’s Anti-Galactus: Who will win

Could Tony Stark’s Iron Godbuster armor prove superior in a gigantic showdown with Red Richards’ cool anti-Galactus suit?

As two of Marvel Comics’ resident genius inventors, Reed Richards and Tony Stark feel the need to protect humanity from the greatest threats imaginable, but is it true? Mr. cool‘s Anti-galactose suits or Iron Man‘s Godbuster shield This is the best option? Each is the culmination of accomplishments, pushing the boundaries of how a hero can confront cosmic forces. Likewise, both suits resulted from heroic obsession, not to belittle them.

The sheer size of the Anti-Galactus suit, which first appeared in Fantastic Four #557 Written by Mark Millar, Brian Hitch, and Andrew Currie, it is impressive, and the culmination of Mr. Fantastic’s lifelong obsession with Galactus and the need to protect Earth from the worlds predator. Like giant combat robots in power Rangers or VoltronHe is above everything else, and dwarfs his Creator. It’s one of the few things Reed Richards has created that might be bigger than his ego. The suit was used in the field, despite not fighting its intended opponent. Instead, he went Rock’em Rock’em Robots Against CAP, the “Save and Protect” robot designed to destroy every weapon on earth.

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The Godbuster shield, on the other hand, saved Tony Stark from trouble when a villain named Motherboard tried to trap him in eScape, a VR world of his own making. In this world, he had unlimited creativity, allowing him to debut in this suit Tony Stark: Iron Man #10 Written by Dan Slott, Jim Zup, Valerio Shetty, Edgar Delgado and Joe CaramanĂ­a. To this point, his armor’s final form has remained purely theoretical, and its development in eScape has allowed him to recreate it in the real world to eliminate the console threat.

The battle between CAP and Anti-Galactus wasn’t entirely fair, as CAP didn’t hurt Reed Richards, meaning the Anti-Galactus suit dealt a fatal blow against a helpless opponent. On the other hand, Stark used the Godbuster armor on a fighter that caused him actual damage, easily sending the motherboard into the virtual world and the controller into the real world. Furthermore, the performance of the Godbuster armor earned great reviews from others. For example, Iron Hart commented that the force emitted by the suit is unknown and that Spider-Man indicated that Iron Man was gone”saiyan super. Even Tony’s evil twin brother Greg, who is as clever as Tony, reluctantly admired, noting that the shield is Tony’s masterpiece and ultimate weapon.

Given Godbuster’s performance in realistic combat, the title of Strongest Suit should go to Stark Tech. The motherboard had divine powers in eScape and was still succumbing to Stark’s ultimate form in no time at all, while there was no indication that the Anti-Galactus suit would actually be equal to defeating Galactus. Based on their appearances in the comics so far, Iron Man‘s Godbuster shield It is a victory for Tony Stark and should be the first line of defense over Red Richards Anti-galactose suit, as Mr. coolEntry has not proven itself yet.

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