Where to get the Rotom and change its shape

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Since Alola, it appears that Rotom has found a comfortable home within the player’s Pokedex over the past two generations of Pokemon. She will accompany the coaches on their journey and can even talk to them sun moon And Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon. shining diamond And shining pearl It takes players back to the Sinnoh area, where Rotom was first discovered.

Those looking for an electric or ghost type to add to their collection can pick up shining diamond And shining pearlRotom. However, those unhappy with the Rotom’s electric/stealth dual-typing can change skins by owning a device. This will preserve the electrical typing of the Rotom but replace the Ghost-typing to match what the Rotom has.

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Find Rotom

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Eternal Forest Pearl

Rotom can be found in a file The old palace in the Eterna Forest After the coach beat the Elite Four and received the National Dex Award. They must then go to Eterna Forest and Enter from the side of the city of Eterna. standing in front of the gate with Trees that can be cut down He is the gym leader in Eterna City, Gardenia. Talk to her and she will talk about the old palace and deny that she is afraid. Use a cut on a tree And enter the old castle.

There are a few items to take here, so be sure to check out the rooms when you go out. For now, go up the stairs and enter the north entrance.

On the second floor, there is a room on the left with a TV. Check the TV Between 8 pm and 4 am Because Rotom will not appear during the day. If all these requirements are met by the player, then the Rotom must exit the TV. will be level 15, so use a low level Pokemon to weaken it in battle, use a fast ball or a super ball. The dusk balls might also work because they will be at night when fighting Rotom.

Once you pick up the Rotom, search the room for a file secret key. This is an essential item that can be used to unlock the room with Rotom devices.

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How to change the Rotom model

shiny pokemon shiny diamond pearl rotom shapes

where Pokemon PlatinumRotom was able to alter models if players received the secret key from a giveaway that occurred at some retailer. With shining diamond And shining pearl, the secret key has been moved in-game instead.

To use it, start by entering the galactic lair in Eterna City. Then, lose the wall to To the left of the bookshelf In the upper left corner of the room to use the secret key. This will give access to the secret room which contains a microwave, fan, refrigerator, washing machine and mower.

Go check them out to get index key tool. This will allow Rotom to have the chance to model whenever the player wants by accessing the catalog from his bag.

Each device is associated with a different type, which will replace Rotom’s “Ghost” -typing.

Model name Application Type
Rotom heat microwave electric fire
Wash Rotom Washer Electricity / water
Mow Rotom lawn cutter Electricity / grass
Frost Rotom refrigerator Electricity / Snow
Rotom fan fan electric / aviation

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And shining pearl Now available on Nintendo Switch.

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