Freedom and Soul Sacrifice Wars servers are closed

Two PS Vita exclusives, Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice, will be closing at the end of the year.

Freedom wars

With the success of the PS5 console, Sony has been phasing out some of its older technology. This includes PlayStation Vita, which has not only been discontinued long ago, but is slowly removing some of its services. This includes removing some payment options from PS3 and Vita online storefronts, which happened last month. The company continues down this path by shutting down online servers to two PS Vita exclusives, Freedom wars And self-sacrifice.

Both games are interesting entries in the PS Vita library, as they were well received and took advantage of the console’s portable nature. Freedom wars is an action-RPG with both local and online players, in which players can battle giant mechanical creatures alongside other teammates, in the same vein as games like Japan Studio’s God eater or capcom monster hunter. self-sacrifice It is also an action RPG that also largely features a multiplayer component based on its basic mechanics of sacrifice.

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While both games can be played and beat in a solo project, PlayStation Japan has announced that their online servers will be shut down on December 24. This announcement currently only applies to Japanese servers online, but Western servers will likely not be online for a long time either. While both of these titles can be played locally using a dedicated connection, they require two PS Vitas and copies of the game, which can be tricky.

This is a huge blow to both games, as both were created in response to Sony losing its exclusivity to Capcom monster hunter. This is evidenced by both Freedom wars And self-sacrifice Being built around cooperative play. Both games had relatively active communities in their days, especially online. These communities were the most active in Japan, with some Western players also enjoying specialized titles. The other aspect that will be affected by the shutdown of servers will be the rewards. Unlocking any of them involving multiplayer, whether online or local, will become more difficult once they are offline.

With those servers close to closing, it’s likely that games will get one last chance from fans, some of whom will either take part in some exclusive online co-op missions, or take part in some of the more competitive aspects. However, once the online servers are down, these two will likely become exclusive hidden gems for PlayStation Vita.

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Source: PlayStation Japan (self-sacrificeAnd Freedom wars)

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