One person was seriously injured in a shooting at a mall in Washington state

A person injured in Friday’s shooting at a shopping center in Tacoma, Washington, subsequently closed its doors to Black Friday shopping all night, authorities said.

A shooting was reported at Tacoma Mall at 7:08 p.m., according to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

Tacoma police said one person was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Law enforcement came from “all over the county” to assist in efforts to find anyone who might be connected to the shooting, sheriff’s department chirp.

No arrests were reported on Friday evening.

Some shoppers had to take shelter in the spot as authorities conducted the research and investigation, the NBC affiliate King Seattle said.

The shooting is at least the second to occur in a mall in the United States on a busy Black Friday shopping day.

In Durham, North Carolina, three people, including a 10-year-old, were injured in a shooting Friday afternoon on Straits Street in Southpoint. Durham Police said three other people had injuries that were not caused by gunshot wounds.

Juliet Arcudia And Todd Miyazawa Contributed.

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