SSD slows down? Windows 11 may be to blame

NVME SSD drive
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Users are reporting issues with Windows 11 and NVMe SSDs that have slowed down. If you notice that your drive is not as fast as before and you recently switched to Windows 11, this may be your problem.

When it comes to computer upgrades, NVMe SSDs are one of the most noticeable changes you can make in terms of initial speed. However, some users notice speed loss with their drives after installing Windows 11. Between Reddit threads And Microsoft Support Forum Posts (free Newwen), there is no shortage of users complaining about NVMe issues.

According to criteria shared on Reddit by the user Mahti DruidiThere is a significant decrease in performance using the same drive on Windows 10 compared to Windows 11.

Even more interesting is the fact that it appears to only affect the drive where Windows 11 is installed. A user called PleasedPen25317 on Microsoft Support Forums I found that testing a secondary drive on the same machine showed that only the Windows 11 drive was slower.

Interestingly, these complaints are not new, as users were reporting issues with SSDs and Windows 11 during the beta version of the operating system, but they have resurfaced now that more people have upgraded to the latest version of Windows 11.

Hopefully, Microsoft gets to the bottom of this SSD problem, with users spending a lot of money to get the speeds offered by NVMe SSDs, and the operating system causing them to lose that speed is a huge problem to address.

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