Best USB-C Cable of 2021

The device is shipped by Amazon Basics cord


  • reasonable price
  • Trusted Brand
  • Various lengths are available


  • Does not support fast charging
  • slower data transfer speeds

If you are shopping for a basic and cheap USB-C cable, check this out USB-C to USB-A Cord from Amazon Basics. Available in three feetAnd six feet, And nine feet lengths, this cable provides basic design and standard charging speeds. This means that you won’t be filling up your battery as quickly as possible, and data transfers may take a little longer, but it definitely works!

However, for less than $8, you can’t go wrong if all you need is a basic way to operate your device or manage files between your phone and laptop.

Best Budget USB-C Cable

Amazon Essentials USB-C to USB-A Cable

The Amazon Basics USB-C to USB-A Cable is a great option for anyone who wants to spend as little as possible on a USB-C cable, but still gets something from a reputable brand.

Long USB-C cable on a pink background


  • Reaches 20 feet long
  • Durable and tangle-free good design
  • Support power delivery with 100W charging


  • A little pricey the longer you go

It is well known in the cable world that the longer it is, the slower the cable will be in charging and data transmission. Some companies have managed to break through this general consensus by implementing sophisticated techniques to ensure nothing gets bogged down by the extra length, and Grtoued has done just that.

that it USB-C cable It offers a durable nylon construction with reinforced tips and a tangle-free finish. Grtoued says the wire supports power delivery thanks to a proprietary E-Mark chip. This chip gives you up to 100W of charging, so you won’t experience any slowdown no matter which device you connect to. The cable is available in . format 10 feetAnd 15 feet, And 20 feet Sizes to fit your needs.

Once you hit 20 feet, you’ll pay $25 which is a bit pricey for a USB-C cable, but in return, you’ll get a long cord with good durability and performance. At the end of the day, if what you’re looking for is a long USB-C cable, it should fit the mold perfectly.

Best long USB-C cable

Anker short cable for use by phone and battery pack


  • Power Delivery Support
  • solid design
  • Sizes one and three feet


  • The price could be a little better

If you are looking for a nice and short USB-C cable, Anker Powerline III It is a wonderful choice.

It not only comes from a well-known brand, but it is also packed with all the essentials for fast charging and data transfer. Anker says the cable supports fast charging up to 60W thanks to Power Delivery, and its durable construction is rated to withstand 25,000 bends.

It’s available in one foot or three feet lengths, and come in either black or white. At $16, it’s not exactly the cheapest short cable on the market, but it will prove reliable over time.

Best Short USB-C Cable

cable denied on the table


  • MFi Certified
  • Fast charging for every supported iPhone
  • nylon design

Anker’s got another feature in this article, this time for making a great USB-C to Lightning cable. that it New USB-C Nylon to Lightning The solution offers a durable nylon design, reinforced aluminum tips, and a variety of sizes for every iPhone user.

This particular cable supports charging the iPhone at the fastest speed available, depending on the type of phone you have. This means that those with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, for example, will be able to take advantage of the 27W charging.

In addition, the cable is Made for iPhone Certified, ensuring they comply with Apple’s strict guidelines for accessories. You’ll pay a little premium to get this cable at $18, but it’s a well-rounded package overall.

Best Lightning to USB-C Cable

Uni cable connected to a computer screen


  • 4K/60fps and HDR support
  • Thunderbolt 3 compatibility
  • reasonable price


  • The brand is not well known in the United States
  • HDMI 2.0 . support

If you’re looking to connect a USB-C-equipped device to an external monitor, Uni has the cable for you.

company USB-C to HDMI cable It offers support for 4K output at 60 frames per second, along with Thunderbolt 3 and HDR. The cable is available in different lengths, and is coated with a durable finish to ensure reliability over time. In addition, the company promotes compatibility with a variety of devices such as the latest Samsung Galaxy phones and iPad Pro tablets.

Uni offers a “hassle-free” and affordable warranty at $14. While the brand isn’t all that recognizable here in the US and the cable only supports HDMI 2.0, it’s still a very solid cable that checks a lot of the boxes.

Best HDMI to USB-C Cable

Uni USB-C to HDMI Cable

If you need to connect your device to an external monitor, this USB-C to HDMI cable is worth a look.

The phone is connected to the AUX port with the Maters cable wire
cable issues


  • braided cable
  • Support for phones that require special DACs
  • can buy it


  • One size may not fit everyone

For those who may need to connect their phone to an additional port, the Premium Braided Aluminum Important Cable USB-C to AUX 3.5mm Cable It should be a part of your daily campaign. Its premium design will last for a long time as you connect either end to your different devices again and again.

What’s great about this cable is the added compatibility with devices that require a special digital-to-analog converter (DAC) for audio over USB-C. No matter which USB-C device you use to connect to a stereo system with AUX, this cable should do the trick.

The cable is $6 which is very reasonable, but the only size available seems to be four feet. If you can live with that, consider this specific wire if you still rely on wires for audio playback.

Best AUX to USB-C Cable

Spigen 3-in-1 cable


  • Support USB-C, Lightning and microUSB
  • Fast charging support
  • Durable nylon design


  • USB-A connection on the other end

If you need a cable with added versatility, you’ll want to pick it up Spigen DuraSync 3-in-1 Universal Charger Cable. This cord has three interchangeable connectors that support USB-C, Lightning, and Micro USB To charge all your devices on the go.

It comes with a nylon finish for durability, is Made for iPhone certified, and supports Quick Charge 3.0 as long as you have a compatible adapter. It’s also decently priced at $18.

The biggest downside is the fact that it only supports USB-A connectivity on the other end. However, if you want an all-in-one solution in your next USB-C cable purchase, this is the one to get.

The best 3-in-1 cable

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