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Bagel with cream cheese.
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The pirates are partly responsible for the cream cheese shortage that currently plagues bakeries, restaurants, and bakeries. As I mentioned Bloomberg, Wisconsin-based Schreiber Foods has been shutting down for several days due to a cyber attack, which brought a major halt in production and distribution.

While the intent behind this cyber attack remains a mystery, its frightening consequences are quite clear. Government data shows cream cheese production fell 6.9% in October, the month Schreiber Foods was lashed out by hackers.

Cream cheese is relatively stable on the shelves, but it cannot last forever. As a result, October is the big month when cream cheese companies produce most of their holiday needs. They usually need a very large amount of fennel, as cream cheese is a common ingredient in cakes and pies.

Of course, we can’t blame hackers for schmear’s imperfection. Shipping remains an obstacle for businesses in the “post-pandemic” world, and labor shortages certainly aren’t helping either.

There are some silver linings here. Schreiber Foods makes cream cheese for restaurants, you know, true Cream cheese. Stuff that comes in tubs (which tastes good to me) shouldn’t be affected by this lack, unless of course restaurants have to buy the stuff.

source: Bloomberg via cnet

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