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Everbyte has produced the crime investigation role-playing game that has become a huge hit in the mobile gaming community, Duskwood MOD APK. Let’s see how the game has captured the minds of many people.

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Introduce about Duskwood

The disappearance and mystery of the Duskwood Forest

It all started to disappear

Hana has been missing for 72 hours, like soap bubbles, and has left no trace.

With Hannah gone, the entire village of Duskwood seemed to come to a standstill. The scenery surrounding the village was bleak in nature. It is very difficult to find the village path if you are not familiar with this place. People have always spread terrifying legends about the mysterious forest in the village. But the fear only appeared and stirred up all the memories of the people here of the disappearance of the beautiful girl Hannah.

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You are Hana’s friend. Amidst the chaos in which everyone is drowning in this anxiety, through a group chat, a friend of Hannah informs everyone that Hannah texted her last night. And the message content contains only one phone number that is … for you. All doubts fall on you immediately. When confidence is tested, are you brave enough to face it? Are you ready to find the real culprit to exonerate yourself and protect your friends?


Duskwood is a role-playing investigation game. In the game, with only a mobile screen, message lines constantly lead you to follow the dramatic ups and downs of the case. You’ll monitor messages, check the flow of information, confirm the credibility of that information through your intuition and judgment, and choose from game options to slowly guide your character toward the truth.

Each choice and each answer you give will affect the information others disclose through the messages. This information is about themselves, what they saw and heard, and about Hannah. There is no gain or loss in the interactive novel style of the game. You just need to act according to what you think, put yourself in the role of Hannah’s friend. And before you choose, think twice. why? Because the details of today could lead to a completely different development tomorrow.

Duskwood MOD APK Download 1440x810

By chatting with every person, photos, criteria, and data from every friend related to Hana, you will gather hidden clues and decipher the secrets behind Hana’s disappearance.

Don’t forget to add new friends to get more necessary information. But be careful because in this confusing situation, it is definitely difficult to trust anyone but yourself. If you trust the wrong people and collect the wrong data, your judgment will be misguided and the investigation will quickly reach a dead end. Be clear and wise 100 times!

special character

On your way to finding the truth, you will need to temporarily pay attention to a special character called Hacker. This is an anonymous person, always secretive about himself. He did not reveal even the smallest information about himself and his relationship with Hana. Thus, it seems that this is the person who knows and carries the most important information that can help you find the answer.

He’s also the one who actively contacted you to provide information and ask for cooperation to quickly find Hanah before it’s too late. It even gives you a decryption software that helps you crack and see photos, information, and clues from Hannah’s iCloud. You need to pay attention to this character, he is probably related to the disappearance because he is very excited.

Words are fear and silence is an obsession

Duskwood contains detective elements and horror and mystical details. But overall, the feeling it gives players is still: curiosity, excitement and suspense, especially with the kind of texting without any background sound. Only the words appear, and an alert sounds every time there is a new message. That silence was more terrifying and threatening than any phantom sound.

When there is a new case detail, you often have to rub your eyes to read and read again, it is unbelievable. It might be a shocking revelation about Hana’s secret relationship, or it might have been someone who had seen Hana before her disappearance with unusual expressions. You may feel that every word you read has a soul and these are the spirits that haunt you the most.

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Video calls, personal photos, and secret files sent back and forth on your phone threaten you as the hints are gradually revealed. The lost story has never become so terrifying in the way of mental terror as in this game.

But that cruel, suffocating drama creates Duskwood’s euphoric mania. Once you unlock your phone screen and read your first messages, you’ll never come back.

And remember to be careful about any messages or advice you give. Sometimes just for a random statement from you, one of your friends can die. And even you could be in danger at any time.

In addition, every time you receive a video call from someone in the game, your phone will vibrate. Mother! This feeling is really scary, especially if you play it in the middle of the night.

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