Corey Stoll on West Side Story, Spielberg’s Amazing Resume and Billions

He also talked about why making West Side Story was such a special experience and his first day on the set.

West Side Story Interview of Corey Stoll

with the director Steven Spielberg West side story I’m playing in theaters now, and I recently spoke with Corey Stoll About making a great remake. During the interview, he talked about what it was like meeting Spielberg for the first time, getting the casting, seeing the level of detail when he arrived on set, why filming in the bright and hot summer is a challenge, and why West side story This was a special experience, when I realize that a lot of people are watching billions, and more. In addition, talk about what someone should watch first if they have not seen their work before.

Inspired by the popular 1957 Broadway musical with legendary music Leonard Bernstein and words Stephen SondimAnd West side story She first made her way to the big screen in 1961. Directed by Robert Wise And Jerome Robbins, with script Ernst LehmannThe film won 10 out of 11 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, and is considered one of the best musicals of all time.

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As Matt wrote in his comment, and everyone on Twitter said, Spielberg’s remake of West side story Fabulous. He’s taken the story you know and added just enough new embellishments to make this movie more of a remake of the original. In addition to the way he cooperated with her Janusz Kaminski in cinematography, Tony Kushner On the script, and bringing so many talented actors to live in these classic roles, I don’t know anyone could walk off the stage and not feel energized. West side story also the stars Rachel ZieglerAnd Ansel ElgortAnd Ariana DebusAnd David AlvarezAnd Mike FestAnd Brian Darcy mosques, And Rita Moreno. Spielberg also produces along Kristi Makusko Krieger And Kevin McCollum.

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See what Corey Stoll said in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about.

Corey Stoll

  • If a person has not seen something, what is the first thing they should see and why?
  • When did I realize that a lot of people are watching billions?
  • How did he get in? West side story What does meeting Spielberg mean for the first time?
  • Was he happy or relieved that he didn’t have to sing and dance in the movie?
  • How did you feel when entering the set for the first time and seeing the level of detail?
  • How when you are shooting in summer you have to use big lights which is a challenge.
  • How Spielberg doesn’t shoot a lot of coverage.
  • why made West side story This was a special experience.

West Side Story 2021 movie
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Ariana-Debus-David Alvarez interview Westside Social
Ariana Debus and David Alvarez from West Side Story on how Steven Spielberg broke their expectations

They also reveal which of their friends and family were the most ardent listeners chosen in the Spielberg movie.

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