Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle: Rhyme Anima’s Rapper, Rank

Hypnosis Mic: Rap Battle Division: Anima Rhyme (referred to as hypnosis mic: anima rhyme from here yet) is an anime modification for a large multimedia project, Mic Hypnosis: Rap Battle Section. The project is centered around six groups of three members, each representing a region in Japan: Ikebukuro, Yokohama, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Osaka and Nagoya. Since weapons are outlawed, these groups disassemble them using special microphones called hypnosis microphones, each with a special ability. However, hypnosis mic: anima rhyme It focuses only on four of these groups: Ikebukuro’s Buster Bros., Yokohama’s Mad Trigger Crew, Shibuya’s Fling Posse, and Shinjuku’s Matenro.

You might expect the leaders of each group to be the best in ability. However, this is far from the truth in this series. The members of each group complement each other well and highlight each other’s strengths and guard each other’s weaknesses, as any good team does. But what about the individual? No more meditation. Here’s how these boys stack up, from the most rusty beat to the latest flush.

12. Samatoki Aohitsugi


Samatoki is the leader of the Mad Trigger Crew and the second man to lead the yakuza clan in Yokohama, so one can guess that his hair is very strong. In a way, this is true. His rapping ability is Counter Blow, which absorbs attacks and returns them to his opponent with extra power. However, in terms of ability, Samatoki is a bit lackluster. Most of his poems are written in the same coarse and growling tone, sometimes his flow is a bit light and doesn’t show much difference. His best performance in anime was in “Don’t Test da Master”, which shows the strong sting in his poems. However, his worst is definitely the recent rap battle between Matenro and Mad Trigger Crew, which unfortunately highlights the repetitive nature of his tone.

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11. Jintaro Yumino


A writer with a penchant for telling lies, Gentaro’s verses are often as smooth and modern as he is. His ability to rap, mimic, allows him to imitate the ability of his opponent. In terms of skill, Gentaro isn’t particularly weak, and his voice is somewhat soothing, which sometimes feels out of place on Fling Posse’s cheerful pop tracks until you listen to him for a bit. On its own, it’s not particularly strong either. His strongest performance was in “Shibuya Ghost Night” where his low and light tones work amazingly well. Less than stellar, though, is his performance against Matenro in a rap squad battle, where he can’t match the bubbly energy of Hifumi Izanami.

10. Jiro Yamada


The second eldest of the Yamada brothers, Jiro always keeps an eye on his older brother Ichiro and younger brother Sapporo (although he and Sapporo are often at odds). He’s energetic and fun, if not a bit mature, and his ability to rapping, rally, suits him well as it allows him to attack using the strength of his teammates. However, Jiro is somewhat overshadowed in the anime. He sometimes doesn’t quite stand out like his brothers, although his energy is high and his verses make interesting and fun to listen to and his ability is absolutely amazing when with his crew. While he can potentially tire an opponent, his ability doesn’t help much when he’s on his own. In terms of performance, his lyrics in “Run This City” were great and flaunted its playful flow and slight edge. However, his poems in “3 Seconds Killer” are unfortunately very forgotten, even though it’s not a terrible thing.

9. Giotto Iruma

Iruma.  jyuto.full.2943373

Jyuto is a police officer who is willing to do whatever it takes to investigate a crime. He is also the second member of the Mad Trigger Crew. Clever, slick, and depraved, Jyuto uses his rap ability, Prison, to immobilize his opponents. In terms of sound, Jyuto has settled in well with rhymes that sound appropriate and rough. He tends to compromise and not tolerate his opponents, and he makes it work. He gave a great performance in “Don’t Test da Master” and “Bayside-Suicide”, showing a unique blend of serious and cocky tone. However, the split battle against Buster Bros is one of his weakest moments; His poetry doesn’t flow well into that fight, and a lot of his panels seem more frivolous than anything else.

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8. Ichiro Yamada


The eldest of the Yamada brothers and the leader of Buster Bros., Ichiro is a leader through and through, full of compassion and a desire for justice. He is always there for his younger siblings and will do anything to protect them, and his ability to rapping, Critical Blow, allows him to launch an extra powerful attack so he can do just that. Ichiro, like his younger brother Jiro, maintains a somewhat cheerful and lively voice when he sings, although he also has moments of ruthlessness. Alone, his ability is still incredibly useful and through his verses, we can see that he clearly knows how to craft a good rhyme. However, he is far from the most powerful rapper in the series, and that’s evident from the way he directed Samatoki. His best performances in “Run This City” and rap group were a fight against the Mad Trigger Crew, where he shows his energetic personality and resilience in a confrontation. On the other hand, “3 Seconds Killer” gives an unforgettable and sweet performance.

7. Arisugawa dice


The dice is a gambler first and the third member of Fling Posse second, always looking for the next game. He relies heavily on luck and lives for an adrenaline rush in the hope of a good score, and his rapping ability, Max Bet, reflects this, as he changes his ability depending on how lucky he is when activated. Dice is a convincing performer and its flow is usually light and fun and reflects somewhat of his good nature. It’s fun to listen to his poetry, but his ability is a bit of a mixed bag, which makes it hard to say how he’s going to act on his own. It can be either catastrophically bad or astoundingly amazing. His best performances are found in “Shibuya Ghost Night” and the split battle against Matenro, where he is unparalleled in his ability to keep up with opponents and find an entertaining flow. While performing in “Jackpot!” Decent, not as good as flaunting his strengths.

6. Doppo Kannonzaka


Doppo is a pessimistic salary and the third member of Matenro. Constantly pressured at work and often shoved and ignored outside the office, his ability to rapping, Berserker, allows him to release all that tension in an explosive, uncontrollable attack at the cost of his energy. Outside of using his ability, Doppo’s verses tend to be low-energy and oddly sassy, ​​but still have great flow and sound. Unlike some of the other abilities, it is an insanely powerful double-edged sword and completely drains its energy, so one uses it in a battle and is done for it, but it might be all they need to use one. His performances in “Fallin” and “Welcome U” are both great at showing off his abilities, but the teams battle against Fling Posse highlights one of his weaknesses, which is that he sometimes becomes very tense and struggles to perform.

5. Hifumi Izanami


Hifumi is a popular host and the second member of Matenro. Smooth, confident and charismatic (at least when in his suit), his ability to rapping is Enchant, allowing him to dominate his opponents. Hifumi is an artist at heart, and this shows in his poems. His voice is seductive, bubbly, and a bit sassy. In terms of his ability, it is one of the most useful in the series. It’s not necessarily a powerful punch like Doppo or a massive defensive ability like Rio, but the ability to control your opponents during battle is impressive and incredibly useful both on a team and alone. In terms of performance, the song “Welcome U” and the split battle against the Mad Trigger Crew are great examples of Hifumi’s fun, spirited tone and his use of magic. “Fallin” does not have the same appeal when it comes to Hifumi because it is a slower number.

4. Sapporo Yamada


The youngest of the Yamada brothers and the third member of Buster Bros., Saburo is a prodigy of sorts who excel in just about everything. Clever, decisive and slightly condescending, his ability to rap, delete, negate the opponent’s attack, well suited to his analytical skills. Outside of his team, Sapporo was fairly good with the ability he uses, which would keep him in a fight much longer than most. Not to mention that his poetry is rather strong and he tends to use his young age and cute appearance against opponents, which gives him a slight advantage. His voice usually transitions between childish cheerfulness and sharp condescension, which suits him well. His best performances can be found in “Run this City” and the Partition battle against the Mad Trigger Crew, where his clever poetry and double tone shine through. Like its siblings, though, “3 Seconds Killer” gives us the most underrated performance.

3. Ramuda Amimura


Ramuda is a fashion designer and leader of Fling Posse. Although he is usually bubbly, cute, and gentle, his true nature is a bit more boisterous and reveals his sarcasm and sanity. This interface plays a role in his ability to rap, Dazzle, causing his opponent to hallucinate. In terms of his voice, Ramuda often has a cheerful, gentle tone when rapping is fun to listen to, and his lines are those that tend to stand out in Fling Posse numbers. His ability is one of the strongest in the series and could easily help him win if he was alone. Both “Shibuya Ghost Night” and “Jackpot!” And the split battle against Matenro points out Ramuda’s strong points, from his amusing verses to his intriguing ability.

2. Ryo Mason Busujima


Loyal, obedient and determined, Rio is the archetype of the perfect soldier and the third member of the Mad Trigger Crew. He is always ready to jump into the action and defend the people around him, evidenced by his ability to rap, Shelter, which increases his team’s defense as well as his own. When rapping, Rio’s lines are clear, powerful, and uncompromising. His ability may not seem impressive on its own, but it’s also paired with the fact that Ryo has been using a hypnosis microphone for longer than just about anyone; His microphone is a prototype that was given to the military before it was disbanded, so he is very skilled at using it. He is powerful either alone or in a group. “Don’t Test the da Master”, “Bayside-Suicide” and the rap squad battle against Buster Bros. Showing his ruthlessness, strong rhyme and ability.

1. Jakurai Jinguji


Jakurai is a doctor with a bloody past, who is the leader of the Matinru. He is rather gentle, peaceful, and always ready to help anyone in need, which is why his ability to rapping is medicine, allowing him to treat his teammates. Jakurai has a deep, relaxed voice, and his vocals are usually as quiet as it sounds, although he can rap very quickly and has moments of extreme intensity. His ability is the most useful and most sought after in the series, as the ability to heal will ensure victory in almost every battle, be it solo or in a team. “Welcome U”, “Fallin” and his rap squad battles against Fling Posse and Mad Trigger Crew show Jakurai’s incredible abilities, both in healing and in rap, and all of his poems are smooth, easy to listen to and meditate on his power.

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