Opera unveils a beta version of its new browser, Web3 “Crypto Browser”

Opera, the popular internet browser, has announced the beta version of the new “Crypto Browser Project”. This crypto browser is available for PC, Mac and mobile phones, providing a new web experience that Web3 feeds at its core. According to Opera, the crypto browser will give users access to the latest blockchain news, upcoming weather forecasts, industry events calendar, NFTs, crypto communities, educational content, podcasts, videos, as well as crypto prices, gas surcharges, and market trends — all of it. in one spot.

“You’ll also enjoy a free VPN for Opera with no logs, a native ad blocker and tracker blocker, but with added access to websites and dApps — right from the browser’s address bar,” the company said in a press release.

In addition, the Web3-focused browser also includes a new, unguarded native crypto wallet which allows users to access their crypto or login to dApps directly from the browser, without installing any extensions like Metamask.

for beginners, Web3 is supposed to be a more decentralized network It challenges the dominance of tech giants by concentrating power and data in the hands of users, rather than big tech companies. This means that the data is distributed across networks and no entity owns the information, although the idea is difficult to implement.

Opera shows that today’s Internet offers us great experiences, social interactions, and a flow of information that we could not have imagined 20 years ago. “However, privacy and centralization in the hands of a few are areas where the current Web does not deliver. Web3, or the blockchain-based Internet, promises to challenge these issues.”

Web3 will engage in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies from Decentralized Finance (DeFi) – where you are your own bank, to non-funge tokens (NFTs) – the amazing new world of digital art, and GameFi – where you can earn money as you play your way through all kinds of metaverses . According to the company, Opera expects to receive feedback from the crypto community on its beta in order to implement any developments “together.”

Opera’s Web3 Crypto Browser project is simpler, faster, and more private for users. It simplifies the often confusing Web3 user experience for ordinary users. Jürgen Arnesen, Executive Vice President of Mobile at Opera, said, “Opera believes that Web3 must be user-friendly for the decentralized web to reach its full potential.


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