Rebel Moon Zack Snyder cast Robert Friend and Stewart Martin

Directed by Zack Snyder, the blockbuster sci-fi movie coming to Netflix, Rebel Moon has announced two new cast members, Robert Friend and Stewart Martin. Zack Snyder moon rebels The cast now includes actors Robert Friend and Stewart Martin. moon rebels It will join Netflix as one of the biggest science fiction productions to date. This latest project on Snyder’s list of blockbuster creations is set on distant alien worlds. The director suggested that he will honor many other films, including star Wars Directed by Akira Kurosawa. With Warner Bros. and…

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Watch Sadio Mane ask Takumi Minamino to put on champagne as Liverpool celebrate their epic Carabao Cup win at Wembley

Liverpool striker Takumi Minamino refrained from spraying champagne during the club’s Carabao Cup celebrations after Sadio Mane asked him not to. The Reds celebrated the title at Wembley after their epic penalty shootout victory over Chelsea on Sunday. 1 Liverpool striker Sadio Mane politely asked Takumi Minamino not to splash champagne next to himCredit: Unknown, Obvious Photo Bureau As the players gathered on the podium in the center of the field, the usual bottles of champagne were laid out, ready to be splashed. Japan international Minamino, who failed to come…

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The Jinshin Impact players think they’ve found out Bennett’s age

Genshin Impact character Bennett

A Genshin Impact fan started a big discussion in order to give an answer to one of the game’s toughest questions, How old is Bennett? Birthdays are important events in the world Jinshin effect, Each character has their own birthday, which is celebrated across all of the game’s social media communities. Developer Hoyoverse sent an in-game message containing a small token gift representing the respective character. Jinshin effectBennett is the only remaining member of his famous adventure team, as his colleagues always leave him due to this allure of misfortune.…

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How Uncharted’s box office beat terrible reviews to become a hit

The much-anticipated Uncharted movie received poor reviews, but here’s how the movie continues to be a box office success despite the critical reception. Live action from Sony Unknown The film was a huge success at the box office despite receiving shocking reviews. The video game movie starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake has long been surrounded by skepticism based on the decision not to adapt a popular Naughty Dog game and instead tell an original story. This left Unknown In the position of another potentially failed attempt to acquire a…

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Kevin Chili recipe is included in Peacock’s Terms of Service


TikTok user McKenzie Floyd found it strange when browsing through the full terms and conditions. Image via NBC You should always read the Terms of Service before signing because often times it seems like we don’t really know what we’re agreeing to. Who knows what kind of wacky stuff companies get stuck in there? It takes one watch of South ParkThe infamous HumancentiPad episode to find out. And it turns out there’s some pretty weird stuff in those long T&C statements, at least for Peacock’s Terms of Service agreement, which…

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Thugs carry out Kurt-Zuma-style attacks on cats as part of a sick internet frenzy

THUGS is carrying out Kurt Zouma-style attacks on cats as part of a sick internet frenzy. The West Ham defender, 27, was filmed slapping and kicking one of his Bengal members across his kitchen last month. 2 Thugs carry out Kurt Zuma-style attacks on felines as part of a quirky online frenzycredit: rex 2 The West Ham footballer, 27, was photographed kicking a Bengal catCredit: Supplied collection An increase in similar attacks has been sparked by an online group called “Kick the Cat Club”, which has been filming their shameful…

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Bungie investigates low rate of Deepsight weapon drop

Bungie addresses the current, seemingly low drop rate for deepsight weapons in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen's Wellspring activity.

Despite the praise that Bungie receives in the aftermath charming queenAfter its release, problems still appear even infecting players for the time being Fate 2The latest expansion. One of the special criticism points from the players was the extremely low drop rate of the profound resonance weapons inside charming queenWellspring’s latest activity, and how to halt mission progress. Bungie now appears to be aware of these complaints and confirms that it is currently looking into lower drop rates. Today’s video games charming queen It is the latest expansion of Fate…

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Ring player message problem summarized by hilarious Mimi

Elden Ring players will likely be familiar with the game’s silly messages created by the player. A new meme that mocks some of the most famous. new elden ring The meme is hot off the press, this time hanging on FromSoftware’s online messaging system. elden ring It has a lot in common with games like Evil spirits And the blood bornenot the least of which is its instantly recognizable multiplayer integration. While most likely to consider elden ring In order to be a single player experience first and foremost, the…

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The Battle for Uber & Playing Travis

joseph-gordon-levitt-super-pumped social

From creators Brian Koppelman and David Levien (Billions) and based on a true story, the Showtime series Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber follows Travis Kalanick (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who started one of Silicon Valley’s most successful companies in Uber, but who was also ultimately kicked out of his own boardroom. The upstart transportation company rocked the business world as Travis’ win-at-all-costs approach fueled its meteoric rise into a multi-billion dollar machine while also being responsible for its downfall. During this 1-on-1 interview with Collider, Gordon-Levitt talked about why this was…

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Rangers ‘terrible’ dropping points at an alarming rate..Celtic may be out of sight in the upcoming derby, says Chris Commons

KRIS COMMONS described Rangers as “terrible” and warned that Celtic could be out of sight in the upcoming Old Firm derby. The Light Blues stunned German giants Borussia Dortmund in the Europa League with a 6-4 aggregate win after an impressive win in Germany and a 2-2 draw with Ibrox. 2 Rangers have struggled for a steady domestic level since the winter breakCredit: SNS 2 Former Celtic star Commons thinks his old team may be out of sight in Rangers’ next matchCredit: Kenny Ramsey – The Sun, Glasgow But the…

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