Free Nintendo Kirby Cards are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift

Nintendo is releasing four free Kirby-themed Valentine’s Day cards, possibly as part of the 30th anniversary of the Kirby franchise this year.

Kirby's Heart Feature

Nintendo celebrates KirbyThis year’s thirtieth anniversary, and with Kirby and the Forgotten Land On its way, the company decided to add some free holiday gifts for fans as well. With February 14th approaching, Nintendo has taken to social media to share some cool stuff Kirby– Valentine’s Day themed cards.

Although Kirby is not a character traditionally associated with romance, it is undeniable that love and affection are important themes found throughout the world. Kirby Franchise business. Many of the characters that Kirby meets start out as enemies or rivals before the adorable pink puffball befriends them. This might not seem particularly impressive until one realizes that the list includes corrupt tyrants, evil sorcerers, bits of ancient abominations, and perhaps even the Void Termina, Kirby’s world destroyer of realms. As such, the character is very well suited to February 14 celebrations.

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What does a Kirby valentine card look like

In a recent tweet from a verified Nintendo UK Twitter account, Kirby Fans were treated to four free Kirby themed Valentine’s Day cards featuring power-ups and models from the upcoming Kirby and the Forgotten Land. The cards feature Kirby with his drill hat, Kirby with a star-shooting pistol, and Kirby with a flash of light bulb as well as the iconic Carby figure. Carby is the official name for the shape that Kirby takes when swallowing the top of a car. None of the other variants shown here seem to have an official name as of time of writing, let alone a fun name like Carby.

Each card also comes with an associated – and fun – holiday message. The Kirby Drill card says “I dig you”, the Kirby card shows the pistol shooting the star at the viewer below “You make me see the stars” below it, the Kirby light bulb says “You light up my life,” and Karby says “You’re driving me wild.” Players can not only send these cards to their loved ones online, but it can also be useful to print them on some cool cards as merchandise. KirbyThirtieth Anniversary.

At the time of writing, many fans seem to be excited about Kirby’s free Valentine’s Day cards. However, the post has garnered its share of criticism, especially from users who believe it’s a distraction from Nintendo’s recent storm of YouTube copyright takedowns. A number of other users have started posting modified versions of the cards with other messages, such as the incoherent screaming over the image of the lamp Kirby. Another user has edited the same card so that the lamp looks like a Kirby file Between us letter, adding the message “You are sus.” While the cards are definitely unexpected and make for a good meme, they can also be a great way to make Valentine’s Day even better for Nintendo fans.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land It was launched on March 25th, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo, the lawyer named Kirby after his death

One of the games’ unsung heroes, the man who helped Nintendo with a major lawsuit and inspired the name of the Kirby series, has died at the age of 79.

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