Pixel People 4.8 APK Download for Android (Latest Version)

Pixel People APK was first launched in 2013, and it is still not applicable on the App Store. But then, developer LambdaMu Games developed it and released the game back in the market, which was more exciting and better than ever.

Introduction to Pixel People

our end! You have become the new owner of the intergalactic golden land after the apocalypse! Please take care of this earth – humans are counting on you.

Pixel People is a simulation and strategy game that allows you to build an unreal city right on your phone. After a disaster strikes Earth, the inhabitants must immediately begin to rebuild everything from dust. In this game, you are a mayor, responsible for building a city and creating a good life for everyone.

Pixel City Building

Building and running a city is a tough challenge for anyone. A city with a lot of problems, including environment, security, planning, design, politics, employment… Pixel People gives you the most authentic experience as a mayor. Your city started as a small land in the middle of the universe. Like Earth, it has ideal living conditions for living things to live and grow.

Start building buildings in your city. Buildings gradually grow and function according to their function. You can place the buildings in any position you want, as long as they have enough space and make you satisfied. The emergence of banks, shopping malls, cinemas, parks, schools, hospitals … will attract large numbers of residents. They live, work and earn a lot of money for the city. With this money, you will continue to build and expand the city.

Expand your city

The task of expanding your awesome Utopia seems very simple at first – with just a few tiles or a little more. But the scene is amazing. Nothing but a black sky that highlights the dazzling stars that the naked eye can see! The city building components of Pixel People are flexible and easy to use. You can order a cozy cafe next to the library or build a few apartments. Well, you can add one, wait, up to two parks downtown.

You can make your residents happy by building gardens, social facilities, artwork, wonders, etc. Although you don’t get paid, the joys and smiles of the little people in your city are a great bonus.

Touch to do everything

Buildings are your biggest source of income. Attention should be paid to the condition of the premises. When the building shows the Lightning icon, touch the building to keep it running. If not, this building does not make money. Besides, you can touch buildings with heart symbols to receive surprise gifts.

Create potential citizens

Unlike city and management simulation games like Little Big City 2, Pixel People has an interesting feature that allows players to combine two residents to form a new resident. For example, you can combine an office worker and a doctor to create a chef. After successfully combining an inhabitant, you need to place it in the building suitable for its functionality.

There are 150 different pixel people for you to explore. You can hire a human to work in your company through mating between pairs. What happens when the mayor gathers with the sheriff here? Or a CEO with a vet? It’s also interesting to discover who each person is in Pixel People.

Classic pixel graphics

In terms of images, Pixel People has simple and classic pixel graphics. The game makes me feel nostalgic. I feel like I’m playing old games from the 90’s.

Download Pixel People APK for Android

There is a lot to be said for a game like Pixel People. The game helps you to become a real mayor, who is in charge of an entire city. Even if you are a busy person, you can run this beautiful city for only 10 minutes a day. In addition, the cloned people will repay you by working and earn money for your coffers to expand the city. Now is the time to explore the future – a utopia is waiting for you!

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