Impossible 7 and 8 would be a farewell to Tom Cruise

It’s not every day that one of the greatest spies ever retires, so the last two Mission: Impossible films have to be Tom Cruise specials.

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when Mission: Impossible 7 And 8 Tom Cruise finally had the brave act of playing secret agent Ethan Hunt in his 60s, and Paramount wants to make sure that feat is treated as such.

To put things in context, right from the start Mission: Impossible In 1996, the 34-year-old Cruz starred in a total of six films for the franchise, set to culminate in eight entries when MI: 8 Coming in 2024, which would match the film co-production of Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig as James Bond. although Mission: ImpossibleElectronic films have achieved their highs and lows in quality, and recent entries are among the best in the series, a standard the studio will want to maintain in the last two Cruz tours.

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According to a recent report from Variety, this is exactly the idea Paramount is pursuing MI: 7 And MI: 8. One of the main ideas to make this happen MI: 8 Filming is complete by the time MI: 7 It will be shown in theaters in July 2023, because the latter may feature a cliffhanger ending and Cruise wants a “smooth transition” between the two films. Both films were originally scheduled to be shot at the same time by director Christopher McCurry, until the additional logistics and costs imposed by the COVID pandemic were added on. Mission: Impossible It became too much to bear.

Unlike most recent movies, all of those things are impressive Mission: Impossible The stunts are often put together on actual filming locations rather than large green-screen hangars. This is a creative option that fans will certainly appreciate but also disrupts the production stage. MI: 7 And MI: 8 It’s not the only Cruise films distributed by Paramount that fans have been eagerly anticipating for the past two years, though. Top Gun: Maverick It looks like the May 27 premiere target has been completely locked out.

Seems almost normal for the latter two Mission: Impossible The films are all about Cruise, and the actor’s legacy in this role is a huge component of why these films have remained popular and profitable for nearly three decades. While every time a 007 actor retires from the role, rumors about his replacement begin immediately, there is hardly any talk of anyone having replaced or taken up Cruz’s mantle.

Ethan Hunt is undoubtedly the most famous secret agent in the world, and given contradictory methods, Mission: Impossible And the James Bond franchises, the two spies are likely more fans of each other’s skill than rivals. At least by the time Cruz retires, the new Bond should be ready to fit the 007.

Mission: Impossible 7 It is scheduled to be released on July 14, 2023 and Mission: Impossible 8 It is scheduled for June 28, 2024.

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