The biggest gaming news of the week: 2/7/22

February comes with a big Direct Nintendo for the first half of the year, while Microsoft is reaffirming its multi-platform promise with Activision Blizzard, in this week’s gaming news. Game Rant has brought some of the biggest gaming news stories from last week together into a summary post for fans and enthusiasts to stay in the know with the most important happenings in the industry each week. Highlighting the most relevant stories, this list is not entirely objective in nature, and it won’t contain every news story this week. Instead, this is for gamers who want a quick summary of the biggest/most impactful stories that happened in the past week in gaming.

Today’s video games

In this week’s gaming news, the new Nintendo Direct brought demos of already announced games like Kirby and the Forgotten Landplus brand new announcements for upcoming titles like Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes And Xenoblade Chronicles 3. PlatinumGames makes a public plea to Microsoft in an effort to revive it scalepond. Meanwhile, Microsoft reaffirmed its multi-platform promise in the wake of the Activision Blizzard acquisition, all while Activision confirmed details about 2022. Call of duty nickname. All this and more in this week’s roundup of the most important news in the gaming industry.

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Highlights of the February Nintendo Live Show

Mario attackers Luigi fire logo Bélyth Kirby

This week brought the big Nintendo Direct show for February, which brought with it several offers for upcoming Switch games in the first half of 2022. While a few things have been leaked beforehand, there were certainly plenty of surprises as well. whether additional Kirby and the Forgotten Land Gameplay, Announcing New DLC Coming To Mario Kart 8 Deluxeor disclose Xenoblade Chronicles 3There have been some important announcements from the latest Nintendo Direct. Some of Direct’s Direct highlights for February include:

  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses receives his own Musso/Warrior Dynasty spin-off in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three HopesReleased 24 June 2022
  • No Man’s Sky Coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime this summer.
  • Mario and his crew are hosting a new soccer tournament this summer with Mario Strikers: Battle Leaguereleased June 10, 2022.
  • Salmon Run co-op mode is approaching Splatoon 3 When it comes out this summer.
  • Classic JRPG game chrono cross It is being reworked, and will be released on April 7, 2022.
  • Kirby and the Forgotten Land Show new gameplay, as well as inspire many memes with Mouthful Mode transformations.
  • live alive Coming west for the first time with an HD-2D remake similar to Octopate TravelerIssued on July 22, 2022.
  • Both ground And Earth’s beginnings Available now on Nintendo Switch Online.
  • New DLC Coming to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe By expanding the Booster Course Pass, which comes in batches, starting March 18, 2022.
  • The next entry in the JRPG series from Monolith Soft, Xenoblade Chronicles 3comes September of this year.

PlatinumGames wants to bring back Scalebound with Xbox

Atsushi Inaba Microsoft Xbox Phil Spencer

A little over a year after the Xbox One was revealed, PlatinumGames has announced a partnership with Microsoft to produce it scalepondThe studio’s first action RPG. However, as in years past, fans will eventually learn that scalepond The project was canceled in 2017 after being delayed from a 2016 release window. Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, and PlatinumGames president Atsushi Inaba both publicly regretted the game’s cancellation, but Inaba and PlatinumGames Vice President Hideki Kamiya recently expressed a desire to Back to the fantasy ARPG.

In an interview with IGN Japan, both Inaba and Kamiya expressed their sincere desire to visit the game again, and implored Microsoft to open up a conversation about bringing the game back. scalepond. “Kamiya has always wanted to do scalepond. Therefore, we would like to have a proper discussion with Microsoft,” Annaba said. Kamiya also jumped up excitedly, saying “Phil! Let’s do it together!” It’s not clear what the state of evolution is scalepond It was before it was cancelled.

Microsoft reaffirms its multi-platform promise with the introduction of ABK, MW2, and the new Warzone in 2022

Microsoft Activision Blizzard

While there were some initial concerns among fans after Microsoft announced its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer helped allay those concerns. In a statement issued by Microsoft President and Vice President Brad Smith, the company will honor existing content exclusivity and franchise release plans on PlayStation. In addition, Microsoft will “also make it available on PlayStation beyond the current agreement and in the future so that Sony fans can enjoy the games they love.” Microsoft also made a similar comment regarding Nintendo, although the difference between the Switch vs Xbox/PlayStation platform is more specific.

However, Activision was surprisingly candid when it announced upcoming plans for the next line Call of duty game as well Call of duty: war zonefuture. In a blog post, Activision confirmed that the next entry in Call of duty The franchise will be a sequel to 2019 modern war. Additionally, “New war zone Experience”, as well as the upcoming sequel, will be built on a new game-engine by Infinity Ward. No release date/window has been provided yet.

Lost Ark became the second most played game on Steam in 24 hours

Old gear ark lost

When released for free in the West, missing coffin It quickly became the second most played game on Steam for concurrent players. amazon games posted, DiabloSimilar to ARPG originally developed by Smilegate RPG and released for the Asian market in 2019. With release in North America and Europe, missing coffin valve has bypass Dota 2 And Counter-Strike: Global Offensive For the most simultaneous players in the release history. As of this writing, missing coffin She has an unprecedented peak of 1,324,761 concurrent players, just behind her pubgA record of 3,257,248 concurrent players.

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Grand Theft Auto sales have exceeded expectations for Take-Two Interactive

grand theft auto 5 key art

Take-Two Interactive’s latest investor presentation commented on the continued success of Rockstar Games. Grand Theft Auto Franchise business. Lifetime sales for the whole GT The chain has sold more than 370 million units, while Grand Theft Auto 5 And Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Ultimate Edition It sold about 160 million and 10 million units, respectively. . exact sales Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy Not made available, but noted that about 10 million units of nonGTAV Sales are calculated in sales figures.

Nintendo hacker sentenced to more than three years in prison

Nintendo Switch 1

Prominent hacker Gary Bowser was sentenced to 40 months in prison after pleading guilty to hacking charges last Friday. Bowser was a key member of Team Xecuter, a group of hackers that produced and sold modified hardware that allowed players to play pirated Nintendo Switch games (among other devices supported by the group). Nintendo explicitly thanked the US government’s sentencing efforts against Bowser and others in the hacking group, as it “stops illegal activities on a global scale that cause serious harm to Nintendo and the video game industry.”

Battlefield 2042’s refund petition has reached nearly 200,000 signatures


Nearly 200,000 discontented battlefield Fans signed a petition asking for refunds for the defaulted version Battlefield 2042. EA’s latest military simulation shooter entry dealt with a well-known controversial launch; From major server and performance issues, to features missing from others battlefield titles. Combined with a $70 price tag, thousands of fans have supported the petition claiming Battlefield 2042 Example of “Abuse and bullying from multibillion dollar companies making unfinished games and false advertising.”

Halo composers sue Microsoft for unpaid royalties

vivid aura

composers Hello The Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatore series alleged that Microsoft had neglected to pay adequate royalties to both. Both the composers and their joint company (O’Donnell Salvatori Inc.) filed a lawsuit in June last year, and will move to mediation with Microsoft sometime in February, according to an interview with Eurogamer. O’Donnell and Salvatore claim the royalties go back 20 years, when the two were composing for Bungie as independent employees, before Microsoft acquired the studio and O’Donnell became a full-time employee of Bungie.

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Twitch Streamer and YouTuber Kika have passed away at the age of 21

Serbian Twitch Streamer and YouTuber Kristina ‘Kika’ Dukic, best known for high-profile CSGO play, has died at the age of 21.

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