How to pair a device using Bluetooth on Android

Do you need to make a Bluetooth connection between your Android phone and another device such as speakers, earbuds, or a smartwatch? Heres how to do it.

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There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Bluetooth, which is a technology for connecting nearby devices wirelessly. As an Android user, you would have discovered it in the Settings menu on your device.

You can connect multiple devices to your Android phone using bluetooth. It’s also easy to pair the devices, which is where you’ll find further reading.

What is bluetooth and what devices can you pair with?

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that allows you to connect devices within a short range of each other. It doesn’t use your phone’s Wi-Fi or mobile data to make connections.

In general, Bluetooth is backward compatible, so the latest Bluetooth 5 devices should be able to pair with devices running earlier versions of Bluetooth.

With a Bluetooth connection, you can wirelessly enjoy music or share files and photos. You can even connect to your car’s infotainment system to enjoy playlists on your phone or take calls hands-free.

The car's infotainment system displays a Bluetooth message on the screen

You can connect another phone, tablet, Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth headphones and earphones, a computer, or an accessory like a fitness bracelet.

The method of pairing is similar to most Bluetooth devices. Here I will take you through the steps on my Android phone. The process may vary on your device but it shouldn’t be too different.

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How to pair and connect a Bluetooth device to your Android phone

First, you have to turn on Bluetooth on your phone. There are two ways:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers to open the quick settings. Click on bluetooth B icon to run it. Clicking and holding this button will take you to the Bluetooth settings page.
  • to open Settings on your phone and tap Bluetooth. On the next page, switch to the button next to Bluetooth.

the Visible to other devices The option should be enabled by default in Advanced Settings. If not, turn it on.

Next, make the Bluetooth device you’re connected to discoverable—it needs to be in range and visible to your Android phone for successful pairing.

The pairing process is different for each device, which is what you’ll find in the device’s user guide. Some products like the Amazon Echo also act as Bluetooth speakers and can enter pairing mode by saying “Alexa, pair.” Others, like your laptop, will ask you to match the six-digit PIN on both devices.

On most devices like headphones or speakers, you simply need to press and hold the power button or the pairing button with the bluetooth icon on it. You will hear a beep for a while or the notification light will flash in pairing mode. Remember that pairing mode is only active for a short time.

Pair your devices

Once you do that, you will be able to complete the Bluetooth pairing process.

  1. open the bluetooth settings page on your phone. Now, your phone will search for Bluetooth devices. This may take some time, but soon you will see the device names appear under it Available devices.
    1. If the device you are trying to pair with does not appear, tap refresh button next to Available devices. Your phone will again search for devices.
  2. As soon as the device appears under it Available devices Click on his name. I tried to pair my Bluetooth headphones with my phone, and in the screenshot below you can see its name HD 4.40BT Back.
  3. You may receive a prompt to pair with the device. tap on Husband The device will connect to your phone.
  4. For more information, tap on the info icon Inext to the device name. the paired device The page will open to display what the device is allowed to do. In the case of these headphones – to receive calls, media audio and contacts.
  5. This page also has the extension Disconnect An option for you to disconnect from the device. the not husband The option is also on this page. When the connection is not working properly, you can try to unpair the device and pair it again. Also check your device’s user manual for a solution.

Once the device is paired, a Bluetooth icon will appear at the top of your phone screen next to the Wi-Fi or mobile network icons. Most Android devices can connect two to five Bluetooth devices simultaneously, while some support up to seven devices.

Remember that once a device is paired it will appear as a paired device under Available Devices even when it is turned off. Once turned on, it will automatically connect to your Android phone, if your phone’s Bluetooth is on and both devices are within range.

You need to unpair the device if you no longer want to use it.

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Pair your phone and Bluetooth device and enjoy wireless freedom

You’ll find Bluetooth in most devices nowadays, and innovative products like smartwatches and sunglasses with built-in speakers rely on Bluetooth.

Now that you know how to pair devices with your Android phone, you can make your life easier by using Bluetooth connectivity to enjoy wireless freedom.

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