Stone Ocean has the biggest missed opportunity for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Stone Ocean provided the perfect setting for Golden Wind’s Giorno to fight alongside Jolyne, but for some reason the story never came up with it.

world JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Sometimes she gave several Jojo heroes a chance to interact: Joseph and Jotaro in Part 3; Joseph, Yotaro, and Yusuke in Part IV; and Jolyne and Jotaro in Part 6. One of the biggest missed opportunities in the series, however, was their chance to get Giorno in the loop in Part 6, stone ocean.

where Joe Joe It is a family story, and the characters are usually direct relatives in some way. Joseph is Josuke’s father, Jotaro’s grandfather, and Julien’s grandfather, for example. The only major defector is Giorno Giovanna, the protagonist of Part V, Golden Wind. This is because his relationship with the Joestar family is a bit weak. When DIO took over Jojo’s original body, Jonathan, the body apparently remained completely lush, and DIO’s use of his vampire abilities led to several seductions during the 1980s. One such attempt led to Giorno’s birth, and his star-shaped birthmark confirmed that he was indeed a member of the Joestar family, despite the technical aspects. While Jotaro was at least aware of his presence, Giorno did not interact with Jotaro directly at any point, nor with any other Joestars.

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Chapter 103 of stone ocean The villain, Enrico Pucci, contacted a trio of young men. He identifies them as “DIO babies,” which turns out to be more literal than expected when it was revealed that each of the three also carried a Joestar birthmark. Like Giorno, these boys were the result of brief and disruptive relationships DIO had had over the years. Pucci tells them they were drawn here by fate, even beyond that which usually draws Stand users to each other, and convinces them to live up to their legacy by helping him carry out his plan. They proceed to stop Joleen and her friends, and give Pucci the time he needs to complete his scheme.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean

These three men are the only opponents with a Joestar birthmark, at least before that jojoleon. As DIO kids, they are all half-brothers not only with each other, but with Giorno as well. If these three were “attracted” to Bucci, why wasn’t Giorno also called to Florida at the same time? And while the three chose to go to Pucci’s side, they did so willingly; Even if Giorno is drawn there, it does not mean that he will have to act as an opponent of Julien. In fact, it would have been an excellent reason for Jolyne and Giorno to work together, especially since Giorno would recognize her father’s name.

As cool as it was to see Giorno and Jolyne fight side by side to save Jotaro, there is a distinctly fanciful answer to why that didn’t happen. Simply put, Giorno’s stance, Golden Wind Requiem, is simply too powerful. Had Giorno been brought into the story, he could have easily defeated Pucci and stopped the story. On the other hand, Jotaro’s Star Platinum is also insanely strong, but that didn’t stop him from appearing in the story. Jotaro has gone out of practice with his mount, which has brought him to a more reasonable power level, and there’s no reason it couldn’t be the case for Giorno either – especially since then stone ocean 10 years later Golden Wind. With the alternate continuity of Parts 7 and 8 now the default, that seems particularly unfortunate JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Never let Giorno meet other stars.

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