Dragon Age’s Mythal is a putative goddess with a tragic fall

Split image of Abelas and Mythal statue.

Mithal is a character of Alvin origin, so little is known about her Dragon Age: Inquisition. Through Solas, a lot of information is presented to the player that the scripts and characters have not previously revealed. Not only did fans know that Solas was a dire wolf, but also that Mythal was an apparently real woman who was murdered by her own people.

Like the rest of the Evanoris family, many theories have emerged about Mithal’s motives and nature. Along with the information Solas shared, it was also revealed that Mythal is part of Flemeth. At the end of Dragon Age: InquisitionHowever, Flemeth appears to willingly give Solas some energy, and many fans believe that this was Mythal’s power.

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Mithal, according to the Dalesh

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For the Dalesh, Mithal was her counterpart to Elgarnan. While the Jarnan was the god of revenge, she advocated love and justice. Mithal is believed to have been born from the ocean and was able to calm Elgarnan when he turned away the sun, convincing him to set it free again in the sky. She is also credited with creating the moon.

Andruil, Sylaise, Dirthamen, Falon’Din and sometimes June are believed to be the children of Mythal and Elgar’nan. The Dalesh invokes the name of the gods whenever they need protection, as Mithal is believed to have righted wrongs through kindness. However, there are other myths depicting Mythal as vengeful. Dalish has vallislin for Mythal, which is detected as vein-like branches on the face. The Dalesh believes that Mithal shared the same fate with the rest of her species, as she was sealed off by the deception of the dire wolf.

Methal as Evanoris

Eluvian in the temple of Mythal.

at Dragon Age: InquisitionPlayers learned more about Mythal than what the Dalesh teaches. It is revealed that Mythal, along with the rest of the Elven Deities, was a powerful magician when they were part of the Thedas. Unlike other Evanoris, Mithal genuinely cared for people and was the voice of reason. The rest of the Evanori family is said to have enslaved others and started wars of vanity and pride.

While searching for ‘What’s the Pride Caused’, the investigator takes an inside look at Mithal Temple and the ancient elves who still oversee it. Through the temple, it was recognized that the ancient priests working under Mithal transmitted their knowledge through the Well of Sorrows. In the manuscript entry, “Mithal Judgment”, the history describes that elves may solicit Mithal in any matter of justice. Mithal had the ability to tell if their justice was truly fair or a frivolous act, and she could protect the good-hearted.

The manuscripts reveal several stories about Mithal as Evanoris. There is one in which she avoids a full-blown civil war between Falun al-Din and Elgarnan by suggesting a battle between the Knights in their stead. Solace also tells the story of Mithal, who rallied the gods against Falun al-Din when he began wars to be worshiped more. In the Andruil manuscript, Mythal is said to have cured Andruil’s madness by stealing her knowledge of the Void. Even Deep Rhodes has scripts for Mithal, calling it a hit of the Titans.

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Methal for Solace and Flemith

Split image of Solas and Flemith.

Through Solace, he learns that Mithal was murdered, and Flemyth adds that she was betrayed – not by Harel’s art as the Dalesh believes. Abellas said she was betrayed by the same people who destroyed her temple. In Trespasser, Solas says that Evanuris killed Mythal because they wanted her power, and that was the last straw that made him decide to banish them as the dire wolf.

There are many hints that the Dire Wolf and Mythal were very close, either friends or lovers. Mithal figurines are often accompanied by Dread Wolf figurines. Well of her sorrows also knows the secret salutation that only those in whom Harel’s art trusted will know. This is also proven by the way Flemeth Solas treats when they are alone together, as if one were an old friend.

How Flemeth got the spirit of Mythal is still shrouded in mystery, but the nematode is known to have come to Flemeth in her time of need. If the legends are to be believed, Flemeth may have called on a spirit to help her take revenge for her deception by a man named Conobar. The spirit that answered her call was Mithal, and Flemyth said they were both betrayed in similar ways, which is why they reached out. She wants what Mithal wants, to “seek justice for what has been lost.”

At the end of the inquisitionFlemeth and Solas exchange some words after Flemeth sends something through the Eluvian. Solas absorbs the energy from Flemeth, and Flemeth appears to die. It is unknown if Solas obtained the Mythal spirit from Flemeth or if Flemeth sent the Mythal spirit through the mirror. There’s also a possibility that Flemeth will send an ancient spirit through Eluvian (which you can get from Kieran, depending on the player’s choices).

Mithal and the Dragon

Mithal Mausoleum.

Mithal’s biggest symbol is the dragon. Its figurines are often an illusion of a female and a dragon. Flemeth has the ability to transform into a lofty dragon, which most fans now believe stems from her possession of the spirit of Mythal. If the Inquisitor chooses to drink from the Well of Sorrows, he can receive a dragon’s ally. If Morrigan drinks from the well, she gets the ability to transform into a dragon by herself. The final and unfinished Solas painting in Skyhold features a wolf and a dragon, which seem to symbolize him and his encounter with Flemeth. The dragon appears to have been killed, just as Flimth was killed when she gave Solas her energy.

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