Tom DiNapoli’s Retirement Fund Abuse To Push Race Agenda

State Comptroller Tom Dinapoli is now proudly using his power as the sole trustee of the state’s joint pension fund to push “diversity, equality, and inclusion” in corporate America — potentially compromising savings funded and guaranteed by taxpayers to enforce the DEI agenda, something far more radical than label words.

“American companies must promote and protect racial and gender equality in the workplace, in company policies and in how they interact with customers,” Dinapoli said last week, never implying that “fairness” is much different from “equality.” It’s not about affirmative action, but explicit quotas, speech codes, and “white supremacist culture” training.

This announcement comes after his previous pledge to push companies To conduct ‘racial fairness’ audits their operations, which means bringing consultants to searching for Racism as I woke up determined. It offers shareholder proposals calling for such audits at Amazon, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and Dollar General Corp. and Dollar Tree, Inc. And Match Group for beginners.

He’s been at it for a while: Last May, Dinapoli gave a lecture on Amazon: “The call for racial equality will not go away and neither will Amazon shareholders” — who proceeded to vote against his proposal.

As the fund he manages controls $267.8 billion in assets, his push will be felt. Regardless, any publicly traded company actually faces a host of regulators (local, state and federal) about fair hiring, non-discrimination, etc.

His excuse is that “unfair business practices threaten the bottom line”. As well as the money wasted on these advisors.

All he is really doing is using the power entrusted to him to curry favor with the left, pushing corporate America to be more politically correct than they already are.


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