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HBO has released the exciting trailer for the upcoming documentary phoenix height. Directed by Amy BergThe two-part documentary follows the actress and activist Evan Rachel Wood She delves into her past as a domestic violence survivor and her current mission to assist other victims in their fight for justice. “What is that feeling?” In the trailer, Wood says, “It’s the feeling that you believe.”

phoenix height It got its title from the Phoenix Act legislation that Wood co-authored and successfully lobbied for. The law raises California’s statute of limitations on domestic violence from three years to five years. This law was taken to allow victims more time to confront their abusers, a measure that labor statistics say often takes seven to ten years due to trauma and fear. The trailer focuses on Wood, whose case cannot be taken to court due to the law, finds comfort in support groups and finds the courage to tell her story.

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First shown at Sundance 2022, the documentary uses archival footage, intimate home videos, and testimonies from Wood and her fellow survivors. Wood rose to fame in the ’90s and early twentieth century, appearing in television series American Gothic And the Repeatedly. Wood would go on to receive critical acclaim and a Golden Globe nomination for the 2003 film Thirteen. She would go on to receive many awards and nominations, particularly for her role as Dolores Abernathy Westworld which won the 2016 Critics’ Choice Award. She also voiced Queen Iduna in the Disney animated film Frozen II.

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RELATED: Abigail Disney and Evan Rachel Wood Duke’s ‘American Dream’ ‘Phoenix Rising’ Added to Sundance 2022Separates the relationship between Wood and music Brian Warner, Also known as stage Marilyn MansonWhich began when Wood was eighteen and Warner was thirty-seven. In the trailer and in statements made in February 2021, Wood recognized the pattern of grooming and control tactics demonstrated by Warner that would later lead to sexual assault. The documentary sees Wood join a group of women who also suffered at the hands of Warner. As of this writing, the musician has denied abusing Wood or anyone else.

“We need to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.” Wood announces during a shot of her preparing her legislation. On the project’s poster, Wood is seen standing tall and confident, with a strong motto, “When the laws don’t protect you, change them.” A statement that clearly fuels the passion held by the team, support group and Wood.

To support Wood and Berg’s work, HBO is partnering with a nonprofit organization, RAINN, to provide resources for victims and empower the masses to make change. You can check out these efforts more here.

first part of phoenix height It premieres on Tuesday, March 15th at 9PM EST/PT with Part Two premiering the next day on March 16th at the same time. Both parts will also be shown on HBO Max on March 15th. You can check out the trailer for exploring Wood’s fight for justice below:

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