Marcus Strowman rips the Mets and Billy Ebler on Twitter

Marcus Strowman appears to have no regrets about the Mets leaving the Chicago Cubs this season.

Strowman, who spent three years at Queens from 2019-21 (withdrew from the 2020 season after sustaining an injury), is one of the most active athletes on Twitter. On Tuesday, he used his social media to attack his former team – and their new manager, Billy Ebler.

post function He praised his former teammate Mets Michael Conforto, who called him an “incredible human being” and called on the league to “pay what he deserves to this man,” one fan responded that she “still hopes” Conforto will return to the Mets.

Strowman did not agree.

“Hope he gets paid well elsewhere,” Strowman wrote on Twitter with an emoji shrugging his shoulders.

When the idea was pressed, he replied, β€œVery, very grateful to be out there for so many reasons. God has always been to me. Beyond that excited to perform and a fantastic fan base that appreciates their players! @cubs.”

Marcus Strowman playing for the Mets in 2021
Marcus Strowman playing for the Mets in 2021
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When asked if he could expand on the issues that kept him away from the Mets, he wrote, “The world is not ready for these answers to be honest.”

In another tweet, Strowman further clarified his position, shooting Ebler in the process.

He wrote, “Just look at who the Mets have hired as their general manager…that tells you enough.” His lack of awareness in his previous position is now exposed to the public. I am so grateful that I went from that organization. God got me! “

It appears that most of the tweets have been deleted as of Wednesday morning.

It’s unclear where Strowman’s disdain for Ebler, who was hired by the team in November, came from. He spent six seasons as Angels general manager, and while he did some good things there β€” notably signing two-way star Shohei Ohtani β€” the team never made the playoffs under his watch.

Billy Ebbler with Angels in 2019
Billy Ebbler with Angels in 2019
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The Mets were impressed enough to give him a second job at GM after the Angels fired him, but Strowman, for example, seems skeptical.

Strowman signed a three-year contract with the Cubs in December, after the Mets family hired Ebler β€” and before the lockdown began.


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