The new Airbender’s new Zuko and Iroh together in a new image

Fans can get their first look at The Last Airbender’s new Avatar: Zuko and Iroh (albeit not in costume) in a new behind-the-scenes look.

Zuko and Iroh team up for a new backstage photo for Netflix Avatar: Another Airbender, which finds Dallas Liu and Paul Sun-Hyung Lee hanging out together after a long week on the job. After years of little progress, it’s live on Netflix symbol picture Ships at full power in the future. Development of the series first began in 2018. The next few years made little progress, with the exception of the exits of the series’ original creators Brian Konitzko and Michael Dante Dimartino. It happened in 2020, and it seemed to many a bad sign symbol picturehorizons.

But things have changed since then. Under the supervision of model Albert Kim, Avatar: Another Airbender She filled out the cast last year and started production. In its original animated form, symbol picture The film follows the adventures of 12-year-old Aang, a bright-eyed boy who represents the world’s only hope for peace. Newcomer Gordon Cormier will play Aang on Netflix’s symbol picture, which is said to be a reimagining of the beloved Nickelodeon show. From the cast alone, it’s clear that the live action series will make some adjustments to the overall story.

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Although Netflix hasn’t revealed any sneak peeks of the cast in the character, symbol picture The cast team has already provided a lot of excellent behind-the-scenes content. The last post comes from Paul Sun Hyung Lee, who plays the tea-loving Uncle Iroh. He shared a photo of him, Dallas Leo, and Roy Alexander while they were hanging out a week after production. Leo plays Zuko, Iroh’s furious nephew, while Iskandar portrays Lieutenant Jee, a Fire Nation officer. “Fire Nation represents!Celebrate me in his caption. Check out his post below.

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It may be assumed that you already have a favorite when it comes to this symbol picture, But since the series is based on a well-known property, many fans are already getting into this about some of the characters and relationships. Zuko and Iroh have one of the most lovable dynamics of all symbol picture universe, with Uncle Iroh taking on a parenting role throughout the Zuko arc. Seeing Liu and Lee together – the new Zuko and Iroh – immediately stirs up excitement. It will be even more exciting when they act opposite each other on screen.

Lee’s acting as Iroh has received the most response from fans so far, and it’s nice to see how excited he is to bring in symbol picture personality in life. Lee also made sure to give a shout out to last airOther main characters of Fire Nation: Daniel Dae Kim (Fire Lord Ozai) and Ken Leung (Commander Zhao). While they did not reach the low key symbol picture Hangout, we hope it won’t be long before audiences can see each one of these actors in full costume for the series. Obviously the work is still in progress, so we just have to stay tuned for more updates.

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source: Paul Sun Hyung Lee/ Instagram

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