Werewolf: Apocalypse – Earthblood: How to get a good ending

Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood

Werewolf: Apocalypse – Earth’s Blood It is a third person action game by Cyanide. Players take on the role of Caharl, a werewolf who returns to his pack after a five-year absence to help them take on a well-armed oil company, Endron.

Caharl’s journey in Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood can have two different endings, depending on the choice of the main character during the final mission of the game. In order to achieve the best possible ending, there is a specific path that players must follow. This guide will help players to follow this path and get to the good end of Caharl.

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In order to get to the point at which the ending can be chosen, players must first reach the final level of the game: “Endron’s Oil Device.” At this point, Caharl breaks into the Endron Oil Rig to end the fight and find the captured members of his group. This level is no small feat, as it features a number of challenging enemies including a boss confrontation against a pair of black spiral dancers, who are deadly werewolves that serve an entity known as the Wyrm.

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Whether or not players adopt a stealth approach, they will eventually need to face the black helical dancers, who move around their boss’ arena at breakneck speed as they pummel Caharl with frenzy attacks. Since the survivor will heal and get angry when one of them is killed, players should Eliminate the two largest first. The smallest, although still dangerous once irritated, is easy to handle during the second stage.

Of course, there is still another threat to be faced before the end is reached. After defeating the Black Spiral Dancers, players must advance further into the dam to find Caharl’s daughter, Aedana.

Tragic reunion

Werewolf Apocalypse - Earthblood_Aedana Boss

Unfortunately, Aedana is past the point of rescue, after Wyrm corrupts her into a scorpion-like creature. Facing the Aedana, despite the emotional risks, is easier than fighting the Black Spiral Dancers, although it is still difficult to face. Aedana has a special difficulty high tail attack, It digs its tail into the ground, causing the thorns to break out. This attack has two different patterns. In one, the spurs appear first around the Aedana directly in a circle and then in a larger, farther circle; In the other, thorns appear in a wave in front of it. Another attack to watch is pounce attack It bends for a while before jumping and attacking with its claws.

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The severity of Aedana’s attacks also increases as the fight progresses, with the number of spikes and the area she covers increasing as her health decreases. When using the circular pattern, players can dash after the first wave to dodge the second while getting close enough to attack. Once Aedana is defeated, the player will eventually be in a position to choose an ending to this story.

Savior or avenger

Apocalypse werewolf earth wolves

With all the prep work done, Caharl is provided with one final option. He can finally capture the person behind all this and avenge his daughter and all the others who were killed. Instead, he can rescue his packmate Ava and members of her activist group, who have been helping Caharl and the clan throughout the game.

Choosing to go after the Wadkins and take revenge would result in a bad ending. In this scenario, Caharl succeeds in stopping Endron and takes revenge, but is left completely alone in the end. Instead of that, Players seeking a good ending should go save Ava and the Activists instead.

Rescue of the activists leads to an end where Caharl is not left alone. He has his companion and supporters with him. Endron’s scheme is thwarted, but Wadkins gets away with it, implying that he’s planning a comeback. However, these are the best endings available to players in Werewolf: Apocalypse – the blood of the earth.

Werewolf: Apocalypse – Earth’s Blood Available now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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