Where Freddy Freeman and Carlos Correa could land

We are closer to Major League Baseball.

This sentence does not contain much insight. The League and Players Association will negotiate a settlement in the coming days and the season will start on time on March 31, or the opening day will not be pushed back to mid-April or early May, or…

Unless the league is dissolved, every second brings us closer to the return of the sport. And I may not have much faith in the negotiators, but I doubt this will lead to a breakup. Well, I’m sure it won’t lead to a breakup.

So at some point, the whistle will go off and there will be an outburst of transaction activity. There are three themes to this activity: Will Freddy Freeman really leave the brave? Can Scott Borras get Carlos Correa more than Cory Seeger ($325 million)? How many players will trade A and at what speed?


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