Who has the worst match against seven teams in the mix and two decision makers in the final

Let the drop junk begin.

As Manchester City and Liverpool vie for the top spot in the Premier League, a tough battle is taking shape at the other end.

Newcastle and Everton are still in danger of relegation this season


Newcastle and Everton are still in danger of relegation this seasonCredit: Reuters

It promises to be one of the most exciting relegation battles ever with seven teams scrambling for survival.

If Leicester and Aston Villa in 12th and 13th look safe, for now, Watford and Norwich – five points and four points straight from safety after playing one game more than 17th-placed Newcastle – appear to be elites.

So, save for a miracle through the ages, it leaves another spot.

A rookie Burnley is now in place but with four other teams within walking distance, expect twists and turns every week over the next three months.

Sean Dyche’s Clarets still have everything to do despite their back-to-back victories, but they’re veterans of the genre and moving on as we near the end of the business.

One win from Burnley’s first 21 games was compounded by striker Chris Wood’s loss to Newcastle in January. Their stiff resistance finally seemed to be coming to an end, but dismiss Dyche at your peril.

Six dots in five days leave spring in their stride. Dutch mountain player Wout Weghorst looks like an upgrade on Wood, and with Brentford, Norwich and Newcastle playing, it would take a ball launcher to get back against them now.

It has never been more exciting than Burnley-Newcastle on the final day of the season, even if the resplendent Toon are hoping to get out of the mud by then.

Eddie Howe’s rescue mission resumes at another stadium in Brentford on Saturday, where a win leads to four wins in five and could lift them to 14th.

Their January emergency boast of £92m – along with marked improvements engineered by Howe – could prove the difference, although Kieran Trippier joining top scorer Callum Wilson on the long-term treatment table is a huge blow.

Ahead of a potential boom or bust trip to Burnley, they play for Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal, so getting points on the board before hitting their home ground is a must.

Brentford’s level has fallen off a cliff, and while they are in 14th, the Bees have played more matches than anyone below them.

Three points against Newcastle would be massive, especially with Norwich and Burnley in the next position.

Brentford is in serious danger after not winning in seven league games


Brentford is in serious danger after not winning in seven league gamesCredit: Reuters

West London have lost six of the last seven, but Liverpool, Manchester United, Wolves, Manchester City and Arsenal have all been in that horrific run.

A breath of fresh air at the start of the season, the Thomas Frank boys need to find something sharp if they are not to become another Blackpool.

Everton, who has not relegated since 1951, is constantly showing that he is not at all good for relegation.

Two of Frank Lampard’s first three matches were unfortunate defeats against Newcastle and Southampton. Yes, they beat Leeds 3-0 too – but you’d support Scunthorpe, bottom line two, to score a disaster against Marcelo Bielsa’s side.

It’s hard for the positive signs to come with Manchester City next. Then they have to play Tottenham, Wolves, West Ham, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal in the toughest round ever.

The one thing that gives everyone a piece of rest is Leeds’ defense – or the lack thereof.

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The white team scored 16 goals in the last four games, and 34 goals in the last 10.

Stubborn Bielsa won’t change his kamikaze methods, so it looks like this annoying trend will continue.

Injuries devastated them, but in an impressive act of self-harm what mattered most was their peculiar attitude of completely ignoring there was a January transfer window to do something about.

Remaining matches:

Brentford: Newcastle (H), Norwich (A), Burnley (H), Leicester (A), Chelsea (A), West Ham (H), Watford (A), Tottenham (H), Manchester United (A), Southampton (H). ), Everton (A), Leeds (H).

Leeds: Tottenham (H), Leicester (H), Aston Villa (H), Norwich (H), Wolves (A), Southampton (H), Watford (A), Chelsea (H), Crystal Palace (A), Manchester City (H), Arsenal (A), Brighton (H), Brentford (A).

Everton: Manchester City (H), Tottenham (A), Wolves (H), Newcastle (H), Watford (A), West Ham (A), Manchester United (H), Crystal Palace (H) ), Liverpool (A), Chelsea. (H), Leicester (A), Brentford (H), Arsenal (A)

Newcastle: Brentford (A), Brighton (H), Southampton (A), Chelsea (A), Everton (A), Crystal Palace (H), Tottenham (A), Wolverhampton (H), Leicester (Home), Norwich (Away). Liverpool (at home), Manchester City (away), Arsenal (at home), Burnley (away).

Burnley: Crystal Palace (A), Leicester (H), Chelsea (H), Brentford (A), Southampton (H), Manchester City (H), Norwich (A), West Ham (A) , Wolves (at home), Watford (a) Aston Villa (at home) Tottenham (at home) Newcastle (at home).

Watford: Manchester United (A), Arsenal (H), Wolverhampton (A), Southampton (A), Everton (H), Liverpool (A), Leeds (H), Brentford (H), Manchester City (A) Burnley (H) ), Crystal Palace (A), Leicester (H), Chelsea (Away).

Norwich: Southampton (A) Brentford (H) Leeds (A) Chelsea (A) Brighton (A) Burnley (H) Manchester United (A) Newcastle (A) Aston Villa (A) West Ham (A) h), Wolves (a), Tottenham (at home).

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