Long Island candidate under fire for ‘anti-American’ remarks

A Long Island activist and former Democrat who recently changed political parties to challenge U.S. Representative Andrew Garbarino in the Republican primary, she is fed up with her progressive past.

Kate Corrigan, 24, who is vying to become the youngest ever elected member of Congress, is promoting herself campaign website And the Social media As a loyal conservative and devotee of Donald Trump Opposes Vax’s authorizations and “illegals” who enter the country – as part of the “next generation fighting for America first”.

But Corrigan’s GOP award winning rewards are relatively recent. Sources said she became a registered Republican just months ago, while her Democratic roots go back to her adolescence.

In 2008, 10-year-old Corrigan was the youngest New York volunteer to serve on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, According to a Newsday report, At that time the local Democrats were martyred.

Ten years later, in an article about her experience as a summer intern at the World Organization Against Torture in Switzerland, Corrigan criticized the United States, asking “how can we create peace” in the United States arguing that it was “built on theft, genocide, slavery and institutionalized misogyny.”

Kate Corrigan
Sources said Corrigan became a registered Republican just months ago.

“The United States of America, with our unanimous support and engagement within global imperialism and capitalism, has notoriously led to the continued persecution, discrimination and killing of marginalized groups of people and their culture from Tibet, Afghanistan, Syria, Mexico, Rwanda and Yugoslavia to Palestine, Venezuela, Yemen and Myanmar college essay It was published, along with dozens of others, by the Long Island District Council of World Unitarian Congregations.

Corrigan, of Patchoug, New York, is an ordained Christian minister, according to her website.

2second abbreviation The congressional district – which is predominantly upper-middle-class and includes southwestern Suffolk County and part of southeastern Nassau County – is now considered a Republican stronghold that supported Trump in the last presidential election.

Garbarino, 37, was elected to Congress in November 2020 after GOP incumbent Peter T. King, who has held the office for 14 terms, decided not to run. He previously served eight years as a member of the State Council and worked as a lawyer.

Donald Trump Kate Corrigan
Corrigan posted a photo of her Friday with Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

Anthony Bilge, political adviser to Garberino’s re-election campaign, wondered if Corrigan had switched parties because being a Republican was the clearest path to victory.

On Friday, she posted a picture of her with Trump in Mar-a-Lago to instagram, With the message “45 & 47! MAIN. LET’S MAGA AGAIN!”

“Kate Corrigan is a former registered democracy activist with a disturbing history of anti-American rhetoric,” Bilge said.

Andrew Garbarino
Garbarino was elected to Congress in November 2020.
Andrew Garbarino to Congress via AP

“She’s now trying to run for Republicans first, and I think Long Island voters will see through her nomination. Contrast that with Representative Garberino’s long record of getting results for Long Island, and voters will have an easy choice this year.”

Corrigan claims to be a direct descendant of John Webster, a colony governor of Connecticut in 1656, at the age of 10.y An American generation whose family fled England in 1632 to escape “religious persecution”.

Corrigan did not return the messages.


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