7 Times We Felt Bad About Street (And 7 Times We Hate It)

Content Warning: This contains references to drug addiction and suicide

The complete foundation of trance It is centered around Bennett Street. Whether she is the actual hero of the HBO series or not, she is the narrator and through her eyes pretty much everything is explained to the audience. However, unlike most narrators in a movie or TV show, Rue is unreliable due to her history of lying, as proven on the show many times.

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These things also help make Rue a complex character. Sometimes, the audience sympathizes with her and feels bad about the things that happen to her. In other episodes, she does things that make her wonder if she actually loves her or not.

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Updated February 23, 2022 by Kevin Pantoja: Flawed and Complicated Heroes aren’t anything new, but the euphoria kind of takes it to the next level. Roe Bennett and her addiction have caused her to do some terrible things that most people would consider unforgivable. Despite this, the public is still supposed to mostly care about her and they definitely still feel bad for her when things go wrong, even if she deserves it sometimes. The question “Is Roe getting sober?” or “Does a street stay sober?” She is asked in nearly every episode and often coincides with how the audience feels about her that week.

felt bad

When you get depressed after you leave Jules

Roe Bennett sits on her bed, dejected in ecstasy

Roe places great importance on her relationship with Jules. In fact, Jules feels very pressured from him, believing that Roux’s sobriety can sometimes depend on her availability. Although Roe stayed sober when Jules left town to visit an old friend, it wasn’t the right time for her.

Roe fell into depression as she just lay in bed watching reality TV for hours on end. It got so bad that she couldn’t even get up to use the bathroom, injuring herself in the process. Although she discovered most of the Jules/Nate drama during this time, it was definitely difficult to watch.

when she came back

Street in a hoodie

In the end, Roe became sober and remained that way for most of the first season. And a lot of it has to do with the bond she shares with Jules and the fact that Ali is by her side in the moments when you might do something you regret. This all changes when you reach the end.

After Roe changed her mind and stayed behind, leaving Jules to flee the city on her own, she felt heartbroken. Street returns home, takes drugs again, and relapses. The scene is stunning, especially considering the way Roe thinks of the past when her father was alive and life was better.

When she admitted she didn’t plan to live long

This comes from Rowe’s conversation with Ali at dinner. Among the many things they discussed, Rue stated that she doesn’t feel like she’s going to live very long. A big part of it is that she simply doesn’t think she deserves to live this kind of life.

Roe opens up about the terrible things she did, including putting her mother in Hell. She does not forgive herself for what her family has suffered. Season 2 only added to that, with Roe mentioning thoughts about suicide several times.

When you have to talk about Rehab on stage

Street crying on stage in ecstasy

The first episode deals with Roe’s return to her normal life after a period in rehab. This includes returning from summer vacation and the first day of the new school year. Roe almost immediately has to get up on stage in front of everyone and talk about her time away from school.

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For starters, not many people do well in public speaking, which is embarrassing in itself. However, it really becomes a situation where the audience feels bad for Rue when you consider that the teachers are probably aware of her time in rehab. Getting her to talk about it with everyone is shocking. Roe can’t say anything and runs to the bathroom where Lexi tries to calm her down.

When you are forced to take drugs

Euphoria Season Two Street

Rue is not someone who needs a lot of pressure to take drugs. In many episodes, she chooses to do it alone but she seems to have her limits. For starters, there’s when you’re caught in the crosshairs of a dangerous gang called the Mouses. She refuses his offer of fentanyl, but he intimidates her into taking it and threatens to take something from her so that Fez intervenes to save Roux.

In the second season, Roe Street looks rock bottom and ends up in the home of a drug dealer named Leslie. While Leslie appears to take care of Roe Street, she gives her morphine and uses a needle for it, which Roe doesn’t like. However, Roe was desperate for anything to take away the pain. She woke up in a dangerous situation but happily returned home safely.

When I gave her the eulogy at her father’s funeral

Ru hugs her father in ecstasy

There is no doubt that the loss of her father had a huge impact on Street. While her drug addiction didn’t start completely after he was gone, she feels like she thinks she’ll never be happy after he’s gone. Season two used flashbacks to perfection when it showed how you handled the fallout.

On two occasions, clips were shown of Roe having to give a eulogy at his funeral. It’s so overwhelming to hear her talk about how she can close her eyes to be with him and see her cry as she talks. Get rid of her drug use during the event and it becomes even more tragic.

When you can’t open the candy wrapper

Street crying while opening candy

During the fifth episode of season two, Roe basically annoys everyone she comes across. It’s her lowest. Despite this, seeing what happens next and how it affects her is crushing. It was worth some consequences but this one was heartbreaking.

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The simple act of opening a candy wrapper was the hardest thing in the world for Rue. She was physically weak during withdrawal and couldn’t even untie something. Rowe was in shambles and tears as her mother and the audience watched her struggle.

I hated her

When I lied in Narcotics Anonymous

Street in Ecstasy

The series begins with Roe returning from rehab. She overdose and was found by her little sister Jia, who is still traumatized by the event. When Roe returned, she was supposed to go to NA meetings, where she immediately lied to everyone.

From her groupmates to her friends to her mother, Rowe said she was sober, but was still using drugs at the time. It made fans who resent her grieve because they want to see her get better. Fortunately, Ali, who steals the scene, caught up with her lies and eventually helped her out.

When she blamed Jules for her setback

Jules and Roy talking in bed in trance

The setback made it look like Rue was back on the wrong track in Season 2. However, the special episode “Trouble Don’t Last Always” revealed that she called Ali about it. Show that she wants to remain at least somewhat clean. I talked to him about her addiction and many other things.

During their conversation, a lot was revealed. One is that she held Jules responsible for her relapse and abuse. Ali wisely pointed out that their relationship was never formally defined and that it doesn’t all fall on Jules. It’s not fair to blame Jules for her life.

When you didn’t leave Vasco’s house

Vasco on the sofa

The friendship between Rowe and Vasco began in the second episode of the program. The first batch saw him as a drug dealer who had a past with him but not much more than that. She came to him to receive drugs again at follow-up but he urged her to leave.

In desperate need of drugs, Ryo ignored his constant warnings. Things get serious immediately when Fezco’s supplier “Mouse” appears. The above-mentioned roux, which had a high fentanyl content, was caused by this. Roux could have avoided this situation had she just listened.

When she threatens her mother

Ru's mother in trance

To be fair, this is only seen in the midst of a montage but it’s shocking nonetheless. While Rowe was on drugs, her relationship with her mother was choppy. The two argued, fought and almost quarreled. The worst of it happened when Rue seized a weapon.

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After a picture is smashed into a frame during one of their discussions, Roe picks up a piece of glass and puts it on her mother’s face, threatening to hurt her. This is the key moment Roo connects with Ali when she discusses how she feels about her family’s treatment.

When Jules called selfish

Fans finally get to see Roe and Jules as a real couple in parts of Season 2. While things were fine on the surface, Rowe was lying about her time with Elliot and that she was still using drugs. When Jules finds out, she tells Roe’s mom, which leads to a major emotional breakdown for Roe.

Roe was shocked to learn that Jules was at her house, listening to her family’s screams. However, that shock soon turned into anger and Ru lashed out at Jules. She ran into her for her flaws and called her selfish. While Zendaya’s performance was masterful, it was one of the show’s saddest moments.

When I cried in Vasco

After the events in which Roe failed to listen to what Vasco warned her about, he made the decision to cut her off. The next episode of “Made You Look” returns to him for drugs after Jules kisses and doesn’t get the exact response she was hoping for.

Vasco refused to open the door for her, not wanting to get addicted to her again. A street outside collapsed, knocking on the door and yelling at him. She mocked him and blamed him for her overdose in an emotional scene that earned Zendaya an Emmy Award.

When you brought up Ali’s tragic past

Ali looks into the camera while Rue sits in the booth behind him in Euphoria

During the special Rue episode, she and Ali opened up to each other about some really personal things. This included Ali sharing his darkest moments, such as when he hit his wife (which he promised himself he wouldn’t do after his father was abusive) for his addiction. Ruined his relationship with his children.

Unwilling to hear Ali’s advice while on drugs, Rowe treated him fiercely. She said that no one, including her, wanted him as a fatherly figure. To make matters worse, when he tried to be strict with her, she nonchalantly asked if he was going to hit her. The words ruined Ali but Rowe was eventually forgiven.

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