How to open the portal of Raya Lucarya Academy (Glintstone Key Site)

elden ring unlock raya lucaria academy

Raya Lukaria Academy is the main dungeon in it elden ring Which is located in the district of Liurnia. Players simply cannot enter the academy the first time they encounter them, although they must first open the Southern Raya Lukaria gate. To do this, fans will need to obtain an Academy Glintstone Key in elden ringThis guide details where to find this item.

Elden Ring: Where do you get the Glinstone Key for the Gateway to South Lucia Raya

Players looking for Glinstone Key should turn their attention to the small land west of Raya Lucaria Academy. For complete clarity, the location of this land mass has been marked on the map below, and fans will encounter a sleeping dragon upon reaching this location. There are several bodies from the tail of this elden ring The dragon, which is being propped up against the large rock formation holds the Glintstone Key Academy.

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For note, players do not need to send Glintstone Dragon Smarag to access Glintstone Key and open Raya Lucaria Academy, as they can simply bypass it using Torrent in elden ring. However, fans who slay this monster would receive 14,000 Runes and a Dragon Heart for their efforts, which could make the prospect of killing the enemy tempting. Fortunately, players can fight off dragons from their stands and summon spirits to give them an offensive advantage.

Ring Raya Lucarya Academy Gate

Regardless of a fan’s decision to kill Glintstone Dragon Samarg, they must return to the South Raya Lucaria Site of Grace in elden ring Once they pick up the key. Players must then approach the gate and inspect the seal to pass the barrier. On the other side of the gate, fans will find another site of blessing, and a nearby elevator will take them to Raya Lucaria Academy.

for those elden ring Players who may be curious about how Academy Glintstone Key is located is shown on the meeting venue map. This map was looted from the corpse located right next to the southern gate of Raia Lucaria, and can be viewed through the Info tab in a fan’s inventory. Blue markers on the meeting venue map indicate the location of Academy Glintstone Key, which is actually on the westernmost mainland shown on the map in this guide.

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