The strangest 7 versions of Catwoman

Weirdest Versions of Catwoman Star Sapphire Catwoman, Normal Catwoman, and Were-Cat Cat-Woman Split Featured

The catwoman She is the quintessential comic superhero killer. She has a long relationship with Batman, and seems to always end up on the wrong side of the law if left to her own devices. It first appeared in Batman #1 Written by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in 1940 and has been a constant part of the Gotham Underworld ever since.

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DC Comics likes to turn things around and explore their characters in different environments and contexts than they normally seem. This has led to some memorable stories, but has also produced some strange versions of characters over the years. Catwoman is no exception to this rule.

7 It has been combined into both the Electra and the Snake

Cropped Katsai Amalgam Comics

The crossovers that occurred between DC and Marvel Comics make up what is known as the “Amalgam Universe”. In this universe, characters from both Marvel and DC have been combined into one. Catwoman had two mergers in her time.

One such merger was with Electra, resulting in the character known as Katsai. She was a partner in the Daredevil and Deathstroke mix known as Dare the Terminator. Another merger was Catwoman and Snake, as this character had just been known as Selina Luther.

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6 In one world, Catwoman is a ruby ​​star

Catwoman Like Star Sapphire Cropped

One notable alternate universe sees Batman as Earth’s first Green Lantern. This version of Batman basically collides with Sinestro, but he’s still primarily operating out of Gotham City.

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In the same universe, Catwoman becomes the star of Sapphire and, eventually, the slavery of Sinestro. Two-Face has also become a Sinestro-like villain known as the Binary Star. This story comes from the creative minds of Mike W. Barr and Jerry Bingham.

5 Catgirl was the cat’s companion and heiress to the Falcon Crime Family

Catgirl Swinging Across Town Cropped

Katrina Falcone is the granddaughter of notorious crime lord Carmine Falcone. She is also a fan of Catwoman and looks forward to being like her while growing up. She began training and took on the identity of Kittyhawk, and eventually, Catwoman discovered her and took her as a companion named Catgirl.

Batman saw this might be a bad idea from the start, and was soon proven right when some Riddler goons nearly killed Kitrina. After this, Catwoman and Kitrina agree that Catgirl should retire and the two women separate.

4 The sexy killer cat is just a polar dancer who dresses like a cat

Catwoman as a pole dancer in the Batman Thrillkiller Cropped movie

Batman: Thriller An alternate universe created by Howard Chaiken and Dan Brereton that finds Batman and his allies using more deadly methods to achieve justice. Batman, Robin and Batgirl are the main characters in this tale, but they are not the only familiar faces.

Selina Kyle appears as a pole dancer with a cat theme rather than the occasional thief that she is in the main DC Universe. She works as a detective for Batman, but is eventually killed by Bianca Staples, who is the Joker of this world.

3 The cat is the union organizer in Batman: Golden Streets of Gotham

Clipping the cat from the golden streets of Gotham

Gotham’s Golden Streets It is a story written by Jane Van Mitter, Cliff Chiang, and Tommy Lee Edwards and set during the Industrial Revolution. In this world, Batman is called Bruno Vanekow, and he takes on the identity of a bat. He’s a lowly worker who hunts down a serial killer for working-class women.

Selina Kyle takes the name of Cat, a union organization trying to organize a citywide strike to regain power for Gotham City workers. It’s a wild ride from start to finish, but also a rather strange one.

2 Capitana Felina is a pirate queen in the shape of a cat

Leatherwing kisses Capitana Felina Cropped

On another Earth, Batman lives in the 17th century and is a pirate hunting down the pirate known as the Laughing Man. Here, Batman is known as Leatherwing, and marries a woman named Capitana Velina. The two of them are pirate-like marines who pursue those escaping conventional justice.

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The cat was nearly captured by Admiral Coplebot, but managed to escape with the help of Leatherwing and Robin Redblad. This story was created by Chuck Dixon and Enrique Alcatina and it is one of the most unique of its kind Batman Re-imagining.

1 There are many versions of Catwoman where you are kind of Were-Cat

Cat Woman and Vampire Batman Cropped

Not surprisingly, perhaps, there are many different versions of Catwoman that take the form of a cat-woman or, in many cases, a cat. Joanie Jordan and her cat Ebony have merged in Just imagine: Catwoman Comic strips by Stan Lee and Chris Bachlow, for example, but this is far from the only movie.

at Batman: Blood Storm By Doug Munch, Kelly Jones and Batman Berlin Batman: Chronicles By Paul Pope, Catwoman is specifically transformed into a type of cat who can’t control her powers. at Batman: Blood StormShe fights alongside vampire Batman just for good measure.

at Catwoman Annual No. 1 1994 By Christopher Priest and Federico Cueva, Talia Al Ghul is the Catwoman of the year 1275. She and her father, Ra’s Al Ghul also known as Cat Man, are the protagonists of Selene’s house in the land of Augustonia. The duo ended up battling Emperor Maddox and his son Timon Vicar the Black Knight for control of Augustonia.

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