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Fonseca reveals his escape from Ukraine

Former Roma coach Paulo Fonseca has given details of his agonizing escape from Ukraine.

The 48-year-old, who previously ran in the war-torn country with Shakhtar Donetsk, revealed he had spent a day and a half in an underground shelter with his wife – who is a native of Ukraine – 30 hours ago. Drive to escape danger.

Talk to Sky Sports News via video linkHe said, “I started to think the situation was going to get worse, so we called the Portuguese embassy and they said ‘tomorrow, we’ll have a car and you can leave.’” It was dangerous, we traveled all day and night non-stop.

“The trip took 30 hours. Several times I saw Ukrainian troops passing by on the road, we stopped and listened to the alarms, and there was a lot of crowding.

“We spent a lot of time walking five kilometers per hour. During the flight we were in danger even driving at night, I heard planes passing by, but I didn’t see shooting or fighting. We traveled with another family, a couple with a six-year-old child Months In the end we got to the border and felt safe, and that was the most important thing.

“This reality showed me that we have more important things than football. I love my profession, I love football, but people’s lives are much more important.”

Fonseca was on the verge of taking over Tottenham last summer.

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