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A new Netflix docuseries, The Worst Roommate Ever, deals with seemingly innocent neighbors who end up becoming criminals. What is the fate of Yusuf Khater until today?

Warning: spoilers for Netflix’s Worst roommate ever!

Where is Youssef Khater, the fraud in the new Netflix docuseries Worst roommate ever? The audience was introduced to Khater in the third episode titled “The Marathon Man”, which delves into the life and crimes of the charismatic fraudster. Yousef Khater is a man who was a marathon runner who was convicted of multiple counts of fraud and attempted murder in Chile in April 2011 but had only a minimal sentence. New Netflix series Worst roommate ever It is a five-part show focused on seemingly innocent neighbors who end up becoming criminals, crooks, and sometimes even murderers. Netflix is ​​known for its crime documentaries, and Worst roommate ever Just that.

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Youssef Khater was, at the time, a 33-year-old man of Lebanese descent who posed as a Palestinian marathon runner and hosted a 12-bedroom hostel in Chile. Carlos Medina and Carlos Krause of the Palestine Federation sponsored Khater to run the marathon, giving him $8,000 to enter the race, which he ended up stealing. Aside from fraud, he also tried to kill and bury one of his roommates in the Cali Quinn hostel, to keep the security deposits he stole from his housemates. Quinn survived, but Khater survived. When she and her lawyers tried to arrest him, they learned that he had also stolen more than $50,000 from British sprinter Dominic Rayner and was also arrested in 2009 in Denmark for arson, embezzlement and fraud, but was never brought to trial. Khater was finally arrested in July 2011, according to a Netflix documentary about the crime, but he only stayed in prison for a few years.

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Khater was sentenced to just 600 days in prison, and after his release in 2014, he remained in the dark. In December 2015, Khater was said to have been under the alias Josef Maria and had participated in another marathon in Costa Rica (Across Texas Monthly). He wasn’t spotted again until 2017, when he was arrested in Puerto Viejo for widespread fraud but was released soon after. Unfortunately, Khater is still likely to deceive people with different names, as his last confirmed sighting was in Denmark in 2018. The most common names used for him under a pseudonym are Joseph Carter and Joseph Maria, so he may be under one of these names, and deceive hundreds of innocent people as Described in the Netflix documentary.

It is very disturbing that Yousef Khater has not been seen or heard of since 2018, because he is likely to be protected in some way. He has been referred to as charismatic, charismatic and even charming by ex-girlfriends and boyfriends, making him an unlikely criminal. Unknowing of his past, he could easily convince and deceive hundreds of people again, turning away from him over and over again with little repercussions. The fact that he was only sentenced to 600 days in prison after literally trying to kill and bury his housemate alive is his rather frightening luck.

Since there have been few or no reports of intentionality since 2018, we hope that the success of the new crime documentaries on Netflix will increase his viewership. He is known for escaping his crimes, and did an excellent job of escaping countries before his arrest. Perhaps, someone will be watching Worst roommate ever He gets to know Joseph. Those he deceived and nearly killed could finally get the justice they deserved, and he wouldn’t be able to harm more people.

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Worst roommate ever Streaming now on Netflix.

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