10 Actors That Should Appear in a Batman Sequel, According to Reddit

Director Matt Reeves has already taken to social media to tease his intentions to expand the Batman universe after being highly anticipated Batman. Although his movie has iconic villains like The Riddler and Penguin, there are still plenty of rogue Batman gallery members that audiences could see Pattinson’s crusaders encounter in the future.

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The conversation is already taking place on Reddit, with plenty of DC fans giving their opinions and a fan team of actors who will make worthy contributions to this universe. It’s just speculation at the moment, but there’s no telling which of these bold ideas could one day become true.

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Matthew McFadden

Tom Wambsgans on his phone at a straight party

He is best known for his infamous performance as SuccessionTom Wambsgans, Macfadyen is an actor who has already proven to have the emotional range and abilities to handle even some of Batman’s most complex and mysterious characters. Reddit user bumjbo He believes the actor could deliver a “tragic performance” as famous villain Mr. Freeze.

The choice likely comes as a result of Macfadyen’s multi-layered and complex performance as Tom in Succession, in which he explores a morally corrupt and ethically questionable businessman who will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. It’s this kind of rich character motivation that makes Batman’s villains so interesting, so maybe MacFadden is a perfect fit.

Donald Sutherland

Although the actor had an amazing and varied career before appearing as Snow Chief in hunger Games A series of films, undoubtedly, it is this role that has received the most attention among modern audiences. Reddit user Schooner 111 He has an interesting idea of ​​a classic character that the actor could adopt.

“Imagine Donald Sutherland in the setting of the Hunger Games but this time as an old head of the court of owls,” they wrote, comparing Sutherland’s boss Snow with the classic DC villain. It’s true that the actor has an innately fearsome presence in his villainous roles, and the Court of Owls is sure to be an exciting set to watch Pattinson’s showdown.

Ed Harris

Most of the audience will know Ed Harris from TV Westworldor the vile Christoph of truman show, But the same redditor Schooner 111 It is suggested that he would also be a major villain for Pattinson’s Batman. Harris is clearly familiar with how to play these oppressive and intimidating roles, so he’s a natural fit.

The Batman universe of Reeves seems to be taking a more serious and grounded approach to the Gotham universe, so audiences are unlikely to see Harris in a fun, hilarious role straight out of the comics. His calm and fearsome personality definitely matches the aesthetics of Reeves’ vision.

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson Joker Tim Burton

Although he previously played the role of the Joker in 1989 Batman, There sure is still room for the veteran actor in this new and modern universe. Perhaps not as the Joker, but as one of Gotham’s top elite or even as a partner to someone like Colin Farrell the Penguin. Several Reddit commenters agree with the user har_mionesuggestion.

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Nicholson clearly has the experience to deal with a Batman villain, but it would also be interesting to see the actor acclimatize to this more realistic and earthly universe, where his hilarious and hilarious plays wouldn’t fit in.

Giancarlo Esposito

Giancarlo Esposito in Saul's best call

Although he is best known for his role as Gus Fring in both Too bad And the Saul’s best on call, Many fans like Redditor manwithatan They demand the appearance of Giancarlo Esposito in BatmanA sequel as an antagonist to Bruce Wayne Pattinson. The actor has an intrinsically villainous presence, and would certainly pose an interesting threat to this iteration of the character.

Esposito shared many of the best moments in Too bad, including the awesome slopes and surprises of the show, so it’s easy to imagine the kind of drama and intensity he’d be able to add to Reeves’ Batman’s universe. As far as villains go, it’s hard to imagine a more fearsome actor than Esposito taking over.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Another actor with Gotham City experience, Arnold Schwarzenegger is fast becoming another fan favorite to return in the rebooted franchise. redditor Voise He argues that Arnold should return as his pun-fueling iteration of Mr. Freeze from 1997 batman and robin Despite the poor critical reception of the film.

While it would be very interesting to see this character return, others aren’t quite sure that Reeves’ new world is the most apt place for this to happen. Schwarzenegger’s performance was brimming with physical humor and superior delivery, which would likely contrast with Pattinson’s more subtle performance.

Christoph Waltz

Christoph Waltz in Inglourious Basterds

There are few actors who could be quite as lovable as Christoph Waltz while portraying an undisputed villain, so it makes perfect sense to see fans like bladeboy__ Calling him to be included in the Batman universe. He has played iconic characters such as Dr. Schulze and Colonel Landa in Unlock Django And the Inglourious Basterds Respectively, he has already shown his group as an actor.

Waltz brings a wonderful blend of ingrained realism and amusing humor in every role he takes on, which could make him the perfect candidate for a more serious (but still comedy based) world. His interactions with Batman Pattinson are sure to be exciting to watch.

Ralph Fiennes

The King's Man Kingsman Outfit Orlando Oxford

Reddit user what are you doing 1 He thinks Ralph Fiennes would be “cool” as a potential partner in the new Batman universe, especially facing Batman Pattinson. It totally makes sense, as Fiennes has been given plenty of opportunities to flex his scrawny muscles before. his work in Kingsman The franchise leads many to believe that he would be a good ally to Penguin, or a similar villain in a suit.

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Fiennes is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter A movie franchise, so bringing some of that energy to Gotham City would undoubtedly be an eye-catcher to watch. It would also be a nice little nod for Potter fans, because Voldemort was actually the one who killed Cedric Digory Pattinson in the fourth movie.

Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender as Magneto

redditor 1vergil Invites Michael Fassbender to appear in Reeves’ potential sequel to BatmanAnd there are many DC fans who agree with him. Although the actor has gained popularity for his villainous role as a young Magneto in X-Men The franchise, there’s no telling he can’t switch to DC.

Sure, many of Magneto’s iconic quotes and moments have cemented Fassbender as the definitive iteration of the live-action, but it seems unlikely that the character will be back anytime soon, so now might be a good time to make the trip to Gotham City and hop aboard the potential franchise. The next big.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig explains the thinking behind having no time for the end of his bond

Now that his James Bond career is over, it’s time for Daniel Craig to sink his teeth into another franchise character, and what’s better than Batman’s enemy Pattinson? redditor 5 stars gold He argues that Craig would make great Dr. Fries (like many of the entries on this list), likely due to his natural intelligence and powerful authority.

Although Craig is noticeably older than Robert Pattinson, it’s easy to imagine the two developing tight competition over the course of so many films that could become a huge selling point for the franchise. It would also be fun to see a version of Fries that relies more on his words and his intelligence than his strength or fad.

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