Elden Ring player suffers tragic death by Ram after falling into Tough Boss

An Elden Ring player has suffered the tragic and embarrassing death of a random ram after they take down one of the game’s giant Golem bosses.

that elden ring A player suffers a tragic death at a random ram’s horns after one of the game’s giant bosses falls. Latest address from Evil spirits Series developer FromSoftware has been one of the most awaited games of the year, and since its release in February players have been sharing their clips and stories from the Lands Between.

The game received universal acclaim from reviewers upon its release, with elden ring OpenCritic is the highest rated game ever. I’ve already seen a lot elden ring To be the best game FromSoftware has made so far, successfully blending Evil spirits Formula with open world mechanics while making it accessible to a larger audience. As expected from FromSoftware, elden ring Full of challenges for its players, with danger lurking around every corner.

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redditor Morni 24 Share their death by ram on elden ring subreddit, with a video showing them inflicting fatal blows on one of the game’s Golem bosses. They then proceed to pick up the loot the boss has dropped, only to be abruptly kicked off the inventory when the random wandering ram not only attacks them, but actually kills them. Murney24 describes the incident as “The most embarrassing death in FromSoft so far.” While rams are only a part of the creatures that players can cultivate to craft materials for them elden ringGolems are some of the elden ringtoughest enemies. Certainly, death to the former after overcoming the latter is an unfortunate turn of events.

There are several places in elden ring Where players can face Golems. While most of them don’t come back to life after being killed, there are a few that do which makes it possible for players to farm for their drops, like Halberd’s Golem that Murney24 got in their clip. There are also a few special Golems in the game, such as the Guardian Golem inside the Highroad Cave as well as the Divine Bridge Golem where players can get elden ringBlessed Dew Talisman.

The clip shows how important it is not only to recover after boss fights, but also to make sure there are no enemies before opening up elden ringMenu because it does not pause the game. While players can only lose their Runes when they die in them elden ringCoinage is still very important to advance, and bosses, in particular, are dropping a few of them.

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elden ring Available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

source: Morni 24 / Reddit

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