How to get Rogier’s Rapier +8 to build Dex

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Players who just started elden ring The trip will likely be overshadowed by the number of weapons they can choose to use. The easiest way to navigate the set of options is to first select your playing style or a specific set of stats. Once this is done, players can focus on the many different types of weapons that fit those criteria.

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Players who choose to go the path of ingenuity in Elden Ring will have plenty of fun and quick weapons to choose from, but there is one, in particular, that is fairly powerful and rewarding in the early game. Rogier’s Rapier already comes flat at +8, which gives Dex players a pretty big leap forward in his lead. The best part is that the weapon can be caught relatively early, after defeating the first “Main Boss”.

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Where to find the wizard Roger in the Elden Ring


The first step in ripping off Rogier’s Rapier +8 is to find and talk to the wizard Rogier. This is a little easier said than done as it requires players to first reach Stormveil Castle by defeating the extremely powerful boss, Margit, the Fell Omen. Margit attacks are insanely fast, hard to avoid and offer a lot of variety. Players will likely spend a lot of time leveling up and honing their dribbling and blocking skills before they can successfully defeat the boss guarding Stormveil Castle.

EldenRingPathToRogierOverRamparts Start

Once players reach Stormveil Castle, they’ll want to advance until they unlock Grace’s location in the Rampart Tower. From there, they can exit through the door leading outside and walk through the ramparts toward the connecting church. It is very important to be careful here as there are three large birds with knives that quickly pounce on the player and overwhelm the player. The first bird will attack alone while the second will attack in pairs. It is also important to note that these birds will throw a barrel bomb at the player before embarking on the attack. This blast is rather large and can do a lot of damage, so you’d better hunt with the attack and then avoid the blast.


After overtaking the birds, players can head to a nearby staircase, enter the ramparts toward the steeple and then jump onto the roof to enter a nearby open window. Going inside here will put the players in the room with Roger, who is standing near the altar.

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How to get Roger Sword +8 in Elden Ring


Once players talk to Roger, obtaining a double-edged sword requires that they take down a large and majestic boss. Godrick the Grafted is the first “big bad” of the vast open world of Elden Ring, and should provide a pretty formidable challenge to those unprepared. Many believe that Godrick isn’t as hard to beat as Margit, a Fell Omen, so those who comfortably made their way through that boss shouldn’t struggle so much with Godrick himself.

Once Godrick the Grafted falls, Roger will make his way from Stormveil Castle Church to a new spot in the Roundtable Hold. Players can find Rogier at his new location overlooking the balcony (in the same area where players can jump to battle the NPC invader, Mad Tongue Alberich). Finding and talking to Rogier in the Roundtable Hold after defeating Godrick, Grafted will reward players with Rogier’s Rapier +8 hole.

What does Sword Roger do?


Rogier’s Rapier is a skill- and strength-based thrust sword that can deal a huge amount of damage with its physical strength of 136 + 55. It is capable of piercing enemy armor very quickly and its quick strikes can knock down enemies unaware before they have a chance to strike back. He can also keep enemies at a distance thanks to his thrusting stance, which will cause players to “penetrate” at enemies from a medium distance rather than forcing them to engage in close combat.

To make it even better, Rogier’s Rapier comes equipped with the Glintblade Phalanx, a weapon skill that summons fourth spectral swords that can then be fired at an opponent, dealing massive damage and stunning them (when possible). Rogers Sword +8 requires skill 17 and strength 8 to practice.

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