The Batman Credits End Scene Explained: What is a Ratalada?

The following contains spoilers for Matt ReevesBatmanThe Riddler (Paul Dano) is gaining an online presence commenting on every codeword, so it should come as no surprise that Warner Brothers has rolled out an impressive digital link that allows fans to try their hand at cracking its impressive puzzles. Unlike other superhero movies, Batman It doesn’t have a mid-credit or post-credit scene to tease out what’s to come, but once the credits are over, a message saying “Goodbye” followed by the URL flashes across the screen, prompting moviegoers to visit the website at The scientist Riddler used to taunt the world’s greatest detective.

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In the movie, one of The Riddler’s guides sends Batman (Robert Pattersonand Detective GordonJeffrey Wright) on a wild rat chase while trying to find out who the Winged Rat is. Instead of an obvious answer (which is a bat), the duo assumes that The Riddler sends them after The Penguin (Colin Farrell) and withdrew him for interrogation. And while they were there, they finally cracked the code and realized The Riddler had given them the URL, not a misspelled Spanish word.

Since its first major critics premieres in the last week of February, the Rataalada has gone live for fans to begin solving the mystery of Gotham City’s corrupt elite. While some puzzles require solving puzzles to see the movie, others can be solved with a sharp mind and a bit of guesswork. Every day the Riddler returns with new quests to unravel, some of which require you to have played from the launch date.

rataalada- site

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On March 2, the site included three puzzles that were easy to solve:

  • Fear of hiding behind one. mask.
  • What was new, is new again. New birth. Recovery. Reshape. renewal.
  • I am the first to scam or scam. Or maybe a combination of the two. This is due to your misinterpretation. confusion.

Once you answer correctly, Riddler rewards you with a password-protected zip file titled: What_Am_I. The answer, of course, is “the promise.”

Inside the zip is a video Thomas_Wayne_Lies, a 2001 campaign video with Thomas Wayne saying “Instill in each of us that giving back is not just a commitment, it’s a passion. This is our family’s legacy.” The video was edited by Riddler to include his heavy, ominous breathing and shows two codeword clips superimposed on them: “HUSH!” and “The Truth About Gotham!”

If you visit Rataalada again after watching the video, Riddler asks: “Do you think Thomas Wayne is a great guy?” Choosing the “N” will earn you another bonus and the message: “You are right not to trust the rich and powerful. Everyone who thinks they are great always keeps secrets.”

The new bonus is an image titled 06.jpg featuring Riddler’s Zodiac Killer blade that requires you to have played the game the whole time. If you are able to consistently crack riddles and clues hidden in filenames, you will be able to decode as “A MAZE OF RIDDLES” which is also hidden in Riddler’s registry on Rataalada: I have successfully solved my maze of riddles. Keep your eyes peeled for my return.”

Batman In theaters now. Check out some of The Riddler’s puzzles below:

Thomas Wayne Hoch


Wayne family

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Paul Dano and Jeffrey Wright in The Batman and the Way Cinematographer Greg Fraser Painter with Light

They also talk that The Batman is an immersive piece of cinema.

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