Top 10 first video games for young players that aren’t kids’ games

Just because they’re new to the field doesn’t mean they need to be treated with baby gloves. Some players enter the game later than others, and that’s okay. What’s not acceptable is the assumption that new players don’t want at least some form of challenge when they pick up a console.

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Whether the player is 8 or 48 years old, there are more than enough games and titles. Games for young children are great for the target audience, but that doesn’t mean that all new players should start there. From arcade classics to modern industrial masterpieces, there’s something to suit every taste, genre or level of expertise. After all, it would be much more fun if everyone could play.

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The original Mario series

Mario vs Bowser

Sometimes the best thing to do is start from the beginning. While modern gamers may have swept through galaxies, set off a rainbow path, or set out on an epic journey with a talking hat, it never hurts to return to the original Mushroom Kingdom for another princess rescue adventure.

What makes Super Mario Bros. The series is so successful that it has always been marketed to anyone who wants to pick up a console. Although its modern titles are more geared towards kids nowadays, players of any age can still play its classic titles for an easy-to-learn but hard-to-master experience.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

Ryu fights Zangeif in Street Fighter II HD Remix

Although the title may be mouth-watering, tournament fighters have always been a prominent element in games and Street Fighter It is one of the best companies in this field. While some may shy away from the T-rated, those who like to dip their toes into the genre might want to consider trying this remastered and remixed classic.

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Street Fighter II It can be said that the series has truly found its foundation. With a variety of characters, fighting places, and fighting styles, the game offers a completely selection to satisfy the tastes of different players. Whether they are looking to test their strength against a computer opponent or looking to punish their couch multiplayer partner, a fighting game is a great way to do it.

little big planet

little big planet

If Mario starts running around a bit, then little big planet The games are a collection of quirky puzzle platformer games that have more personality than the basic kids games. As a customizable sack boy, players can view a series of colorful and fantasy worlds with a large cast of exotic characters.

The game not only allows players to enjoy the creative worlds but also lets create their own worlds with different possibilities and endings that they collect through their adventures as well. It’s definitely a unique and eclectic twist on the typical platformer formula that any player can stop appreciating and appreciating.

Spelunky series

Spelunky 2 Black Market

Don’t let these cartoon graphics be misleading. Spelunky Its sequel is a pair of deceptively challenging puzzle platformers with elements of the Metroidvania genre as well. In the games, players control a hacker and descend into the depths of a maze of tunnels and ruins. By collecting treasure and avoiding danger at every turn, players may find it easy to get to the title but easy to get lost.

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Exploration is the name of the game in this addictive adventure, and players will soon learn to unleash the interior of Indiana Jones as they dive further. Easy enough for new players to enjoy, yet challenging enough for seniors to keep coming back for more.

Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI - Party DQ11 Doesn't Need a Hero

RPGs are a huge genre in the gaming industry, but sometimes it can be very difficult to decide where to start. Luckily, Dragon Adventure Classic as it comes. The series, long considered a character of the genre, helps shape and master the many hardcore fans who enjoy it today. The eleventh core entry is a return to form for the series, and a perfect jumping-off point for those new to the genre to start their quests.

As with most traditional RPGs, players will lead a team of adventurers on a magical mission to save the world, fight monsters, and explore dungeons along the way. If they are looking to satisfy their need for fantasy and imagination away from the DM screen, then a game like this is definitely a great option.

Torchlight series

Many fighters encounter spiders and demons in a dungeon in Torchlight

If players are looking for something less turn-based and more hack and slash, Flashlight Gaming is a solid choice. Especially if they are not experienced, or old enough to dive in Diablo Dungeons. As with most dungeon crawlers, players make their choice of hero and class, then send them into dungeons in search of weapons and loot.

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With so many monsters, minions and bosses in battle, players will not find themselves bored with this task. With three games available in the series, Secondly Being a fan favorite, anyone looking for an introductory course in dungeon crawl can choose their adventures.

Tetris 99

Tetris promotional title 99

tetris It should be the most accessible game, and it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that most people have experienced some form or deviation from the game. But if players really want to up their ante from the standard puzzle game, they’ll definitely want to try their luck Tetris 99.

Typical gameplay with Tetrominos falling is a challenge of its own, but when the same game is given the multiplayer element of 99 players in a battle royale, it’s a whole new ball game.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the scientist

Scott Hajj game

There are plenty of classic beat-em-up games available, and every player worth their salt should own at least one, but when it comes to a pure action-packed arcade experience, Scott Pilgrim He made his way to the top with the best of them. Anyone with an appreciation for action titles, regardless of experience, will want to give this game a play.

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Some movie-based video games carry a certain stigma, but this 16-bit gem is a rare and fine exception to the rule. Following the plot of the film and the comics of the same name, players can step into the role of Scott, Ramona, or their comrades to fight and scrimmage through the evil Ramona Exes army. With a mixture of classic gaming elements, there is plenty for all gamers to enjoy.


It doesn’t hurt to go back to basics, and backman It is a prime example of one of the cornerstones of gaming. predatory games like Super Mario For nearly half a decade now, the big yellow Ghost-gobbler has been a popular industry icon since its gaming days, and no player should avoid it.

Despite the absurdly addictive ease of play, running mazes and devouring fruits, dots and ghosts has been a time-honored gaming tradition for decades, and with backman Games on home consoles like Tournament Edition And the pacman 99, Pac-Man has clearly shown that it knows how to keep pace with the times and new generations of players.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

The Zelda The series is an iconic choice across the board. From top-down dungeon crawlers to epic adventure titles, a journey through the magical land of Hyrule has been a classic gaming experience time and time again. After all that has been said, there is probably no entrance as profound or ambitious as Breath of the wild.

all traditional Zelda The item has been expanded and improved, along with the introduction of new items and mechanics to give it its own identity. There is so much to see, do and explore, and saving the Princess from Ganon’s clutches could end up on most players’ to-do lists.

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