Where to Find a Curved Sword Spell (and What to Do)

Elden Ring Curved Sword Talisman Stormveil Castle Chest

elden ring It offers a lot of interesting mechanics to make the combat more engaging, especially when it comes to melee combat specifically. One of these new mechanics is Guard Counter, which can be activated after repelling an attack to deal massive damage to both HP and Posture. Although powerful in its natural state, the curved sword spell makes this move even better.

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The Curved Sword Talisman, like many of the combat-oriented spells in elden ringImproves damage caused by a specific type of movement. In this case, the protection counters become more harmful and more likely to hit a target, which allows you to get a critical hit sooner.

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What does a curved sword spell do?

Elden Ring How To Protect Beastman Of Farum Azula's Counter Guide

  • “The blind swordsman is said to be the originator of this technique, the art of allowing one’s opponent to strike so as to leave them vulnerable to a response in time.”

Guard counters in elden ring It can be activated by pressing the powerful attack button of your primary weapon, usually in the right hand, immediately after fending off an incoming attack. A special sound will be played, your weapon will shine for a moment, and your character will make a quick heavy attack that deals extra damage. With enough damage to the pose, the enemy becomes graded and capable of taking serious blows.

A curved sword spell increases the damage dealt by these attacks by a whopping 20%. Players who use Guard Counters as one of their primary means of inflicting damage on enemies will find this spell to be a huge improvement as they can now move enemies a step or two earlier, especially if the guard counters are semi-repeated. If you’re a melee player who doesn’t use Guard Counters, it’s definitely a mechanic worth learning.

Where do you find the curved sword amulet

Elden Ring Curved Sword Talisman Alternate Stormveil Road

The Cursive Sword spell can be found at the beginning of Stormveil Castle. When entering the castle for the first time, take the shortcut suggested by the gate keeper, and follow the path until you find a building with a lot of enemies throwing bombs and explosive chests all over the place. Go up the stairs, shooting the enemies, until you see a dark room on your right.

Entering this room will turn off the lights and close the door behind you. After a second or two, you’ll be ambushed by Banished Knight, a very powerful armor user. Kill them and look around for a chest in the back of the dark room, which contains the curved sword amulet.

elden ring Now available for PC, PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One and Series X | S.

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