Magneto proves how to kill Wolverine by turning his claws against him

In the Marvel universe where Wolverine kills the Hulk in their first fight, Logan suffers a horrific death at the hands of Magneto.

Temple and Wolverine They introduce readers to some of the most epic battles in Marvel Comics history, but in a world where Logan finally kills Jade Giant, he suffers a devastating death at the hands of magnetic. at what if…? #31, Wolverine’s life ends in dramatic fashion after the Hulk is killed, as Magneto uses his powers to direct mutant claws into his neck – leading to the heroes’ death.

Wolverine and the Hulk will always be connected, as the latter first appeared Incredible Hulk #181 By Lynne Wen, John Romita, and Roy Thomas. In their first encounter, the duo clashed with Wendigo before turning their focus to each other. Over the years, Wolverine and the Hulk have hit multiple times, whether it’s in the main Marvel Universe, the Ultimate Universe, or inside the mind of Jade Giant’s Engine Room. However, in a world where the Hulk never survived his first encounter, Wolverine suffered one of the most horrific deaths.

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In what if…? #31 By Rich Margopoulos, Bob Bodiansky, Mike Esposito, Bob Sharen, and Karen Nimri Marvel asked, “What if Wolverine kills the Hulk?” In the comics, Wolverine disobeys orders to bring the Hulk safely and uses his claws and anger to kill him. In his new origin, Wolverine later loses control of a tavern and kills several humans. A fugitive from the law, Wolverine joins the Magneto Brotherhood. Wolverine joins the X-Men to sabotage the group due to Magneto’s attack, but when he falls in love with Jean Grey, he becomes a problem for the villain. In response, when Magneto and the X-Men attacked, he used his powers to intimidate Wolverine with his claws. Magneto dies using the last bit of his powers to cause Wolverine’s death.

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The comic shows that while Wolverine was always meant to be a hero, his life was forever changed by killing the Hulk. It led him down a darker path, before he realized that taking out the X-Men was a mistake. In the end, Wolverine decides to defend his friends, which leads to his grizzly death at the hands of Magneto.

The “What if Wolverine kills the Hulk?“The story served the form of comedy perfectly, because it reimagined what would happen if Wolverine killed the Hulk. Answer? Logan would have a much different fate that ended with his death. Fortunately. Wolverinea copy of his past did not occur and magnetic He didn’t turn his claws into a weapon against him. However, it does not make it anything less than a brutal death.

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