Uday Schenker on Guardians of Justice and the deeply personal nature of his projects

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as a product, Uday Shankar He had a role in countless popular projects. Served as Executive Producer at Liam Neeson-Drove GrayBeside dredAnd the physicalAnd the the only survivor. As a creator and exhibitor, he is quite capable. Now, he’s teamed up with Netflix once again to deliver his most personal project to date: Guardians of Justice.

With Guardians of JusticeShankar blends vastly different visual formats and styles to tell the story of a world on fire. The series follows the superhero team, Guardians of Justice, as they fight to save the world after a tragic event. He uses a seamless blend of 3D animation, clay, traditional 2D artwork, and live action to expand the genre to its most exotic extremes, all while delivering a highly resonant story inspired by his feelings and experiences.

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Shankar loved himself to many as a producer and executive producer for Netflix Castlevania, a popular animated series based on the bestselling video game. Shankar also created the Bootleg Universe, a series of fan-made shorts that take lovable characteristics and turn them on their heads. One of the latest Bootleg Universe shorts was a grim finale for Pokemon series, while others, such as Poison: Truth in the PressAnd the He took famous comic book characters and exposed them to the curiosity of documentary film crews.

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Shankar only takes projects that scratch a creative itch, but that’s the only similarity Guardians of Justice bear his previous efforts. In almost every other respect, it’s a completely different beast. Next to Shankar is a Devil May Cry anime, as well as Doctrine killer Anime and a large number of other exciting series.

Shankar spoke with Collider about what makes Guardians of Justice Private and how he used his experiences to enrich the storytelling. During our interview, Shankar commented, “On the surface, it’s a deconstruction of superheroes in mixed media format. In any given scene or sequence, you will oscillate between live action, 2D animation, 3D animation, mud and stop motion.”

Here is a full summary of what we discussed during the interview which you can see in the player above:

-what Guardians of Justice About

The important role clay plays in blending visual patterns

– How did Addie’s personal experiences affect the VIP arcs?

How does he choose his creative ways?

– How did he grow as a storyteller?

The fluidity of the socio-political discourse

Guardians of Justice Picture Netflix

Guardians of Justice Picture Netflix (6)

Guardians of Justice Picture Netflix (4)

Guardians of Justice Picture Netflix (3)

Guardians of Justice Picture Netflix (7)

Guardians of Justice Picture Netflix (1)

Guardians of Justice Picture Netflix (4)

Animation ‘Far Cry’ is ‘Elseworlds’ multi-universe fashion show, producer Adi Shankar says

The show has finally gone into production.

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