How to get the Blight Ranger helmet (Hunter Exotic)

Hunter’s bizarre helmet Blight Ranger helmet gives 600% more damage to Hunter’s super powerless ability in Destiny 2, but it’s still not enough.

charming queen expansion for Fate 2 It’s finally here, and there are tons of new alien weapons and armor to discover. Warlocks, Hunters, and Titans have two new pieces of armor to find, and they seem to be some of the best alien pieces of armor ever for every class in Destiny 2. A new alien one for Hunters gives its weakest subclass some much-needed love and is sure to be a first-class alien once the Arc subclasses receive the same rework as the Void 3.0 update. Strange “Blight Ranger” helmet protects damage from someone 2 in the pot The weakest arc resolves by about 600%.

The Blight Ranger’s peculiar feature, ‘Voltiac Mirror’, states, “Attack players redirect with their Arc Staff exponentially increasing damage and spawning Orbs of Power for allies.” Redirecting attacks with Arc Staff has always been new to Fate 2. Deviating arc pillars didn’t deal much damage and players can only deflect if the enemy/boss attacks are focused on them. Players will still need to get the enemy or boss’s attention, but players can now inflict some massive damage by redirecting boss attacks with an Arc Staff.

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Although Hunters’ Void 3.0 Tether with ‘Orpheus Rigs’ exotic boots can do more damage than an Arc Staff deflection with the Blight Ranger, the helmet is likely to see more use after the Arc 3.0 update that comes in Season 18 of Destiny 2. However, it can be very difficult to pull any redirection from boss attacks in a 3+ protection team, especially in raids and 6 person activities. The Blight Ranger’s alien helmet is more likely to be meant for single-player modes rather than fire-team-based end-game content. This helmet works best when trying to create solo Legend and Master Lost sectors containing the Arc singe, where players can easily get the bosses’ attention and redirect all their incoming attacks to them.

How to get the Blight Ranger helmet in Destiny 2

Blight ranger with traits in Destiny 2

Getting this helmet requires a fair amount of grinding this season of Destiny 2. The fastest way to get Blight Ranger is to clear all witch queen Campaign missions on legendary difficulty level as a hunter. This isn’t easy, but after beating the Legendary Campaign, players will be given 1,520 power-up gear and the option to get one of two new pieces of armor for each class, including the Blight Ranger. Other exotic not selected, like most of the new alien armor pieces added to the game, will only be obtainable from a single Legend or Master Lost Sector. Players who do not get rid of the legendary campaign will have to scan one of the missing sectors to get the gloves.

Fate 2 Players do not have to rush to grab this strange helmet. The Arc subclass leaves very little to be desired after the Void 3.0 improvements and players should not equip the Arc subclass until it receives its 3.0 update. There are simply much better options for super damage in the game now that are easy to pull off. It’s a shame that players have to wait until Season 18 to receive the Arc 3.0 update, but at least the Blight Ranger will eventually have its time to shine.

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Lost Ark was wrong to remove character origins

Lost Ark was wrong to remove character origins

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