The only way Superman’s arrest can work in the Arrowverse

Clarke’s arrest in Superman & Lois is a problematic twist that could only make sense if the show offered another major sinister twist.

Warning: spoilers for Superman and Louis Season 2, Episode 6

Clark’s arrest in Superman and Louis It is a problematic development that can only work if the show reveals that Anderson (Ian Bohen) is secretly allied with Ally Allston (Rya Kihlstedt). Anderson’s feud with Clark over the Bizarro problem culminated in the character arresting Big Blue Boy Scout for treason. Now, Clarke faces an uncertain situation where he will be locked up alongside Tal-Rho (Adam Rayner).

at Superman and Louis Season 2, Episode 6, titled “I Tried But It’s True,” Anderson is put in a bind by his boss’s demands about Pizarro’s arrest. With his career on the line, Anderson makes a desperate move by luring Clarke into a trap and using kryptonite to trap him. Subsequently, he learned that Clark had been arrested for high treason. The exact reasons for this accusation have not been clarified, but Anderson’s argument seems to be that Superman withheld Bizarro’s whereabouts from the United States Army. Regardless, Clark’s arrest is sure to have a lot of consequences, especially if this knowledge is made public (and the promo suggests it will). Even if Superman is released in the next episode, his relationship with the military may be in tatters.

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No matter how Clarke gets out of this predicament, Anderson’s big move Superman and Louis Full of problems that can only be solved by revealing that he works for Ally Allston or a different Arrowverse villain. Capturing the greatest hero on earth – and the most powerful person on earth – is a huge decision, and one he got rid of very easily and without hesitation. While Superman is certainly not immune to criminal charges, his reputation should make any world power think twice before making such a huge step. Putting Clarke in prison for treason would have called for some serious wrongdoing on his part, and the pressure on Anderson to do things his way wasn’t enough to justify what happened.

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Revealing that Anderson and Ally are allies would solve the problem in his rush to make a decision. Anderson jumped to catch Superman looking very compelled and unearned. He could have refused Clarke’s request for the necklace outright and had another conversation with him about Pizarro before resorting to deception. In addition, it is unlikely that the same president who criticized Anderson for his past mistakes would have allowed this. Anderson was shown getting approval for Clarke’s arrest by phone for someone supposedly higher in the chain of command, but his identity was never confirmed. It is possible that he was already communicating with Ali or one of her partners.

Anderson’s arrest of Superman for helping Ally capture Pizarro makes more sense than the character’s hasty mistake that ends his career and the government invites global criticism and stirs controversy. Superman and Louis Moving in this direction will open up new questions – including how I got one of such a high rank in the army – but will also provide a practical explanation for Anderson’s current plan. Either way, it became clear that he would be a long-term thorn in Superman’s side.

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