Why is the Church of Healing considered the most important institution in the blood transfusion?

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The Church of Healing, founded by Lawrence the First Vicar, was the most important institution in Yarnam, and indeed, throughout the world. blood bornetraditions. Its doctrine was based on the cult of ancient blood and its unusual properties: an intoxicant with healing powers capable of significantly improving the physical qualities of those who were infected with it, the so-called blood communion.

The forces of ancient blood attracted pilgrims from all over the world to Yarnam. Communion rituals spread in the city’s culture blood borne. As a result, the Church of Healing gained widespread support among the city’s residents, and eventually became the city’s governing body. However, unfortunately, the blood pumping had an unintended consequence: turning into ferocious beasts and creatures devoid of all meaning.

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Origins of the Church of Healing

Healing Church 1

The Church of Healing arose out of the rib of Bergenworth Academy, the place of study founded by Mr. Willem. At Bergenworth, theology and science collided, and the facts of the universe served as the primary focus of research.

In this sense, Rector Willem was not satisfied with the speculation but instead invested heavily in archeology and exploration. Research methods have prompted Bergenworth scientists to delve into the ancient labyrinths beneath the ancient city of Yernam. Subterranean Labyrinths of Pthumeru: An Ancient Civilization That Fell and Expanded Underground.

While exploring the Pthumerian Labyrinths, the Academy made its first significant discovery. In fact, it seems that during its expansion, this ancient civilization was in contact with the so-called greats, cosmic deities who guarded the ultimate truths. Bergenworth’s research revealed the cooperative relationship between ptomyritis and osteoblasts: a symbiotic symbiosis that led to exchange. On the one hand, the Pthumirians defended and worshiped the greats. On the other hand, the inhabitants of Pthumeru received the communion of blood and knowledge of mysterious technologies.

It was the first evidence of the extraordinary qualities of the Healing Blood, upon which the doctrine of the entire Church of Healing would be based. On the other hand, Mr. Willem discovered a threat. The liquid was originally divine and had great power, but it caused a cellular mutation in the organism, unleashing the scourge of bestiality. Pthumeru’s death came from illness. The true epidemic caused civilization to decline and forced it to shut itself inside the same labyrinths, hiding from the outside world. Their destiny was to stand guard over the sleeping greats, protecting their dramatic secret.

Willem was afraid that Yharnam would disintegrate as a result of Pthumeru’s testimony and death, so he decided to give up his search for ancient blood. Lawrence, a student of Bergenfirth at the time, disagreed, and left the academy to found the Church of Healing, based in the Greater Jarnam Cathedral.

Willem’s methods were not completely abandoned by the fledgling organization, which continued to explore the ancient underground labyrinths. Years later, they discover and arrest Ebritas, the Daughter of the Universe, the Great Younger. Ebritas was imprisoned and moved to the bottom of the grand cathedral in order to exploit the powers of the blood.

The fisherman’s workshop

A player holds a blade in the hunter's dream workshop.

While exploring ancient labyrinths, the scholars of Byrgenwerth and the Healing Church find themselves faced with creatures so fierce and violent, that it was necessary to create a real armed wing to defend them. Furthermore, an order was needed that could forcibly stop any hint of a monstrous surge in the citizens subject to communication. Then Lawrence founded the old, deserted workshop: a place where men and women who would show an innate resistance to the brutal call of injections would be trained. The first of them was Germain.

Nuns of the Church of Healing

Nuns Healing Church

The Sisters of the Healing Church were true saints who were chosen as the incubators of the Holy Blood because of the purity of their soul: they underwent constant infusions with the goal of developing it and making it available to the insatiable members of the Healing Church. As mentioned earlier, ancient blood was highly addictive. This requires a steady supply of scholars and members of the healing church. The liquid that was pumped into the bodies of the nuns allowed it to be disposed of continuously, albeit in a diluted and less effective form.

Their presence seemed to indicate that there were some people who were immune to bestiality and could cultivate blood inside their bodies without suffering the consequences. However, this was a very uncommon feature. In fact, the Saints of the Church of Healing were few and far between.

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It is the most important and respected body in the Church of Healing. They had the task of communicating with the greatest labyrinths in order to transcend the existential plan of humanity. In fact, they possessed a high knowledge (insight) provided by constant contact with Ebritas, daughter of the universe, a god discovered in ancient labyrinths and brought to Yernam, in the great cathedral. The choir members gained their knowledge from their contact with Ebrietas. Above all, the greats of the Church and the city of Yharnam ensured the constant and continuous flow of healing blood.

The choir members were also labyrinth hunters and explorers. However, unlike their peers, they were able to wield powers and artifacts derived from the greats. One of the most important members of the chorus was Karel, an ancient hunter who transcribed the indecipherable sounds of great sounds into certain runes that hunters could use to improve their combat and cognitive skills.

fishing night

fishing night

When the plague of beasts took hold and the streets of Yharnam crowded with wild beasts, the Church of Healing banned the Night of Hunting. During this event, citizens who did not contract the disease were forced to fortify themselves in their homes in order to protect themselves.

In fact, the alleys of the city have turned into a battlefield between sick beasts and their hunters, who are tasked with cleaning up the streets of disease by slaughtering everything they come across. As we all know, the plague spread uncontrollably in Yharnam, making the hunting nights longer and more stressful. As a result, a violent fatal fit erupted in many citizens who were drunk on blood, forcing them to engage in hunting as prey and impromptu hunters.

old yarnam

Old bloodborne yarnam

However, hunters were hired long before the night of the hunt was set up. In fact, blood ashen disease spread throughout the historic heart of the city. The reasons, which seem unknown, can be traced back to the experiments of the Church of Healing, which the townspeople used to conduct the first experiments on the Ancient Blood Field. It is widely assumed, in fact, that it was the Church itself that made the citizens sick and that when standard medicines proved insufficient, they had the opportunity to intervene with a massive administration of the healing blood.

Although this treatment stopped the epidemic, it turned the entire population into ferocious monsters. Outside of ancient labyrinths, this was the first time Hunters had been summoned. On the other hand, their flight was a failure. The only tragic option was to burn down the entire city and block the entrances. However, the treatment was not enough to stop the plague, which was on its way to engulfing the entire city of Yharnam soon after.

Al-Shifa Church Workshop

Church Healing Workshop

The massacre caused by Old Yharnam was not easy. The conviction that it was required to control the advanced beast epidemic found its best way into the Church of Healing. Germain’s old workshop was closed to build a new, more modern and equipped gymnasium: the workshop of the Church of Al-Shifa.

Ludwig became head of the new workshop, a highly trained clergyman who was held in high esteem by Lawrence himself. This new workshop differed from others because it used more advanced methods. In fact, the new Hunters were not only skilled fighters, but also doctors.

The hunters fell into three classes: the black hunters, whose sole goal was to rid the streets of yarnam of monsters; white hunters, clergymen who used hunting to study and conduct experiments on blood healing; and Hunters of Hunters, powerful warriors tasked with fighting hunters who have been spoiled by blood and fallen into bestiality.

Mensis school

Mikulash Fan Cosplay Men's Bloodborne Cage

The final bifurcation of the Church of Healing is the Mencis School, which is led by Mikulach, Bergnwerth’s ancient scholar. The school’s mission was to make contact with the other greats in order to gain access to the extraordinary truths of the universe they guarded. A ritual was performed using the third umbilical cord: a powerful cosmic relic descending from the Great and able to conjure them.

Both rituals and school research were carried out using unconventional methods. For this reason, the Church of Healing referred Mikulash’s activities to the hidden village of Yahargul to keep the methods out of sight of the people of Yarnam and to maintain the consensus of the residents.

The consequences of the ritual were dire. Mikulash and his followers went crazy and imprisoned in Mergo’s nightmare, the Great was called. However, the repercussions for Yarnam City were dire as well. In fact, the ritual seemed to have increased the power of the ancient blood, accelerating the transformation of the inhabitants who practiced infusion into monsters.

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