The Terminal List teaser reveals that Chris Pratt is locked and loaded as a Navy Seal


Amazon has revealed a first look at its upcoming original series station listwhich gives us a taste Chris Pratt Hardened Navy Seal James Reese. The role marks Pratt’s return to television for the first time since his famous performance as Andy Dwyer Parks and recreational resorts, although such a job on the small screen would mirror his role as a big-budget Hollywood star. The teaser perfectly reflects that, with the actor having a totally rocky face in the line of duty. All eight episodes of the high-octane original are set to drop on July 1.

Based on jack carThe bestselling novel of the same name, station list It follows US Navy Commander Reese and the events that followed a secret mission that went wrong. Reese and his team are ambushed during said mission, forcing them to fight their way out despite the danger of it all. At first, the leader is thrilled that he escaped death and saw his family again, but as time goes by, the events of that day still haunt him. He begins to doubt his leadership and his responsibility for what happened, but while investigating, he begins to realize that there are darker forces at play here. The web of lies and plots that led to the deaths of his teammates send him on a new mission to discover the truth and stop those who put him and his loved ones at risk.

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The intensity kicks in from this teaser, which begins with Pratt emerging from behind the wall with an assault rifle at the ready. He has fallen into some serious carnage, from flipping cars to crashing vehicles and going on a rainy night secret mission with a hatchet to fight closely. In between the event, we got a few looks teasing the fateful mission Reese and his crew are assigned to. The 21-gun salute at a military funeral shows the fate of the Reese’s squad members hanging above the leader like a dark cloud.

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Fits in with Pratt in Prime Video’s new thriller Constance WuAnd the Taylor KitschAnd the Riley KeoughAnd the Jane TriplehornAnd the Arlo MertzAnd the Jay CourtneyAnd the J.D. PardoAnd the Patrick SchwarzeneggerAnd the Lamonica JarrettAnd the Stephen BishopAnd the Sean JenAnd the Tyner RushingAnd the Jared ShawAnd the Cristina VidalAnd the Nick ChinlundAnd the Matthew RauchAnd the Warren ColAnd the Alexis Leader. Seven Wonders Director Antoine Fuqua Pratt will direct again in the series. This appears to be one of the star’s more serious action roles, breaking away from the clever Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy Rather to portray the tormented mind of a soldier who has lost so much.

Pratt will also serve as executive producer on the series, joining Fuqua and the co-writers Daniel Shattuck And the David Deglio along with John Schumacher From Indivisible Films and book author Carr. Amazon Studios and Civic Center Media will co-produce the series for Prime Video.

station list It releases exclusively on Prime Video on July 1. Check out the trailer below to see Pratt’s no-nonsense locked and loaded.

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Co-writer and director Colin Trevorrow also teases what to expect from all the characters in this sequel.

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