Top 10 Movies To Watch After You See All The Best Picture Nominees For 2022

The 2022 Oscar nominations were announced on February 8th, and many movie fans are rushing to watch it all before the winners are announced. But anyone who has already seen the Top 10 Photo Filters will need something new to watch.

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Fortunately, there are many films that are similar in style and theme with nominees for Best Picture. for every DuneThere’s a futuristic movie waiting to be seen forever licorice pizza, There is another great movie coming of age to enjoy.

Licorice Pizza (2021) = Almost Famous (2000) Stream on Paramount +

Licorice pizza It is a movie about the coming of age by Paul Thomas Anderson.magnoliaAnd the ghost theme), starring a teenage Cooper Hoffman with sky-high aspirations and an older woman crush played by Alana Haim. Licorice pizza Featuring some clever characters, including these two leads.

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A similar story of coming of age is the classic movie now, always famous. The ultimate adulthood story, always famous They would make a great watch for anyone who wants to remember those big dreams they had as a teenager and the big romances that almost happened.

Belfast (2021) = Brooklyn (2015) Stream on Amazon Prime

Brooklyn - Emory Cohen and Saoirse Ronan

Belfast It is a movie about a working class family during The Troubles of Northern Ireland. The movie stars Caitríona Balfe, Jamie Dornan, Jude Hill, Ciarán Hinds and Judi Dench as a family, and is arguably one of Kenneth Branagh’s best films.

A similar movie about Irish heritage and pride is brooklyn, A romantic drama set in the 1950s and centering on a young woman who must choose between her new life and the Ireland she left behind, themes similar to those in Belfast.

CODA (2021) = Sound Of Metal (2019) Stream on Amazon Prime

Riz Ahmed with blonde hair, shirtless plays drums in a scene from Sound of Metal.

Anyone who fell in love kuda You may also like metal sound. kuda Stars Emilia Jones is the only deaf child in a deaf family. She is forced to choose between her family and her dreams after she joins her school choir.

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metal sound It also deals with the choice between the pursuit of dreams and the acceptance of reality. Riz Ahmed plays a band drummer who begins to feel hearing loss and must face his new future with a new family of people who are experiencing what he is going through.

Dog Power (2021) = Brokeback Mountain (2005) Stream on the Peacock

Jack and Ennis embrace at Brokeback Mountain.

for those who appreciate it dog power must check Brokeback Mountain. dog power It stars Benedict Cumberbatch as a tyrannical farmer who makes life try for his brother, his new sister-in-law and her son when they are transferred to their family’s farm in the 1920s. These characters make up just some of the notable characters in dog power.

There are LGBTQ+ themes all the time dog power Plus hints at the fact that Cumberbatch’s character is a gay man locked into a farm setting. Brokeback Mountain It also deals with two farm owners and their forbidden love story.

Dune (2021) = Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) stream on HBO Max

A short-haired woman in a warrior costume stands in front of a tanker truck, pointing a sniper rifle.

Those who loved Dune Likely to have fun Mad Max: Fury Road. Dune It is a sprawling epic starring Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides, a brilliant man with a colossal destiny in the distant future.

Mad Max: Fury Road It also deals in the distant future, although it is a post-apocalyptic future. Themes of government control hang heavily in both films that look to a hero to save the world. What both films also have in common is their amazing Academy Award nomination for outstanding artistic prowess. fact, Dune So good he might sweep the Oscars because of his artistic accomplishments.

West Side Story (2021) = West Side Story (1961) broadcast on Hulu

West Side Story 1961

Those who have seen the newly released West side story For 2021 they should make sure they watch too West side story 1961. West side story Focuses on star-crossed lovers, Tony and Maria, amid strained race relations in New York City. In this remake, Ansel Elgort and Rachel Ziegler play the two lovers.

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to appreciate the beauty West side story So many production numbers, one has to watch the original to see how it was first filmed. One can appreciate the new style that Spielberg brings West side story With a vision of the musicals that cemented movie musicals as classics during the heyday of Hollywood.

Nightmare Alley (2021) = Nightmare Alley (1947) stream on the Standard channel

Anyone like nightmare alley From 2021 must watch nightmare alley 1947. nightmare alley is a movie noir about a carnival worker who encounters a murderous woman as they work to deceive people by pretending to be middlemen.

The remake is a remake of the original by focusing on the more visible consequences that occur due to the character’s actions. The 1947 Noir is quieter and a true testament to the genre. Anyone interested in this type of movie and where are the last year’s movies nightmare alley Came from the original must-see.

Don’t Look (2021) = Idiocracy (2006) Stream on Amazon Prime

crap movie

do not search It is a satire directed by Adam McKay (The Big ShortAnd the vice), and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and Meryl Streep in the cast. do not search It is all about the end of the world and how society today will respond to total annihilation.

For something post-apocalyptic dependent on society’s response to the end of civilization, look no further crap. This satire looks at a futuristic world in which only idiots have survived. This movie is worth a watch for anyone looking for more rude social commentary.

Drive My Car (2021) = Driving Miss Daisy (1989) Stream on Toby

With similar themes surrounding the relationship between the driver and their passengers, lovers driving my car may enjoy Driving Miss Daisy. driving my car The film revolves around a theater director who is required to drive a theatrical performance. Over the course of several months, the relationship between a man and his driver goes from one of mutual respect, albeit a somewhat distant one, to a truly transformative friendship.

Driving Miss Daisy It has the same concept with race relations playing a role in challenging the relationship between driver and passenger. Although the relationship between Daisy and Hook starts out rocky, their friendship blossoms as they begin to get to know each other.

King Richard (2021) – Venus and Serena (2012); Stream on HBO Max

Venus and Serena Williams on the tennis court in the documentary Venus and Serena

King Richard Fans who want to know more about the Williams sisters should watch the documentary, Venus and Serena. King Richard It tells the story of Richard Williams, father of Venus and Serena Williams. Through his unyielding support for his daughters, he traces the sisters’ rise as champions in tennis.

A biopic will always provide a dramatic plot, but for the true story, viewers will want to watch the documentary that follows the sisters as they fight on and off the field. It’s always important to watch the real story the movies come from Venus and Serena Not to be missed to portray the same intense tension.

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