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at triangle strategyThere is a lot of talk about salt. On the continent of Norzelia, there is only one source of salt, and people seem eager to get it. Why is salt so important in an RPG triangle strategy?

What is the salt in the triangle strategy

Salt in the Three Kingdoms triangle strategy It’s the same as in the real world: the mineral seasoning food. Salt is an important part of a person’s diet. Without salt in their food, people would die in less than a month. People lose salt every day due to sweat, so a person who works physically hard needs much more salt than a person who doesn’t. However, in the real world, there are many ways to find salt, including salt deposits on land and salt from dried ocean water.

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The same cannot be said of Norzelia. at triangle strategy, the whole world depends on one source of salt for the whole continent. It is the waters of the center of the Armor of the Gods, the capital of the sacred kingdom of Hizanti. The whole city is in the shape of a donut. An outer wall protects the city, and a round inner wall keeps everyone out of the source. The source is a shallow, heart-shaped lake in the middle of the city, which is made entirely of brackish shoals.

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In the center of the source is a colossal statue of the goddess of salt, the patron deity of the shield of the goddess. Only those who obtained permission from Saintly Seven or the ruler of Hyzante were allowed to enter other than Roselle, who lived and worked within the source their whole lives.

Hibiscus are the slaves of the Hazanti source. They had learned that their ancestors, blinded by greed, forbade anyone else to have salt and thus cursed all their souls forever. The only way to cleanse their sins is to work their whole life at the source, digging up salt for the goddess’s chosen people.

Hibiscus are the only humans in Norzelia with pink hair, and this is what sets them apart from other humans. It is said that the blood from their sins is what gives them their strange color of hair. This is one of the many struggles that shaped the story triangle strategy.

One of the main characters in triangle strategy She is Frederica Easfrost, daughter of the Duchy of Evrost and half-sister of Gustadolf, the current ruler of the land of Easfrost is Hibiscus; She is the daughter of a runaway slave from the source.

Saltiron War

At the beginning of the game, players are informed that the wedding of Serenoa Woolfort and Frederica Isfrost is to cement the long thirty-year peace between Icefrost and the Kingdom of Glenbrook. The war that took place that prompted the continent to search for a peace treaty thirty years ago was called the Saltyron War, and it was the bloodiest war ever on the continent.

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In this Nintendo Switch exclusive, the war begins when the Duchy of Aesfrost asks the Kingdom of Glenbrook for permission to march an army across their lands to Hyzante in exchange for equal origin rights when the Goddess Shield is finally captured. Glenbrook agreed but did not send any men to fight alongside Isfrost’s men. Hazanti was surprised by the attack, but the city’s strong walls kept the army at bay.

House Wolffort, led by Serenoa’s father, went to the aid of Hazanti. Between the combined forces of Wolffort and Hyzante, they were equally matched against the army of Aesfrost, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. It took many years for people to start begging for peace, and it took even longer for the rulers of each kingdom to agree.

While people were entangled in this war, Roselle took the opportunity to start a war of their own, with players discovering more than halfway through 40 to 50 hours of running time. triangle strategy; Nearly half of all the slaves within the source revolted and fled, finding a quiet home within the confines of Glenbrook under the watch of House Wolffort. These rebels were led by Frederica’s mother, a woman who would help Rosell establish a small village near Walfort Castle before continuing on Isfrost alone.

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Finally, the war ended with this Final Fantasy Tacticsgame like. Peace talks reduced taxes and the cost of salt from the Hazanti Empire, allowing both Isfrost and Glenbrook access to the mineral much more than they had previously enjoyed.

However, the greedy hands of many Seven Saints caused those taxes and prices to be pushed beyond pre-war rates. This was the motive behind Gustadolph’s infiltration of Glenbrook, hoping to combine the nights by placing the puppet ruler, Princess Cordelia, on the throne of Glenbrook, so that he could take control of both countries and seize the power of the Holy Empire.

triangle strategy Now available for the Nintendo Switch.

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