Minecraft’s vibrant Big Ben watch is built to survive

After 50 hours of work, a dedicated Minecraft player has managed to create a lifelike recreation of Big Ben in the game’s Survival Mode.

custom Maine Craft One player has managed to rebuild Big Ben to life in Survival Mode. The popular sandbox title has become synonymous with massive structures that sometimes span completely Maine Craft worlds. Players have to invest significant time to get the creations done, and for the most part, the results correspond to the effort.

Survival Mode makes it even more difficult to finish these massive builds. Players who choose to tackle a big project in this game mode have to deal with many factors that creative mode users don’t have to worry about. Not only are there external threats to worry about hostile mobs, but resources are more limited and players need to be careful about their health and hunger. Even with all these extra elements to manage, that hasn’t stopped a select group of dedicated gamers from going ahead and building great creations as successfully as a massive game. Maine Craft Fort.

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Reddit user Follow-up No. 5979 Contribute the latest entry to the growing list of impressive Survival Mode creations with the design of the Big Ben watch. According to the creator, the lifelike rebuilding of the famous clock tower took 50 hours to complete. The rest of Parliament was not included in this particular construction, but this may have been difficult to achieve given the surrounding landscape on which the recreation of Big Ben stands, although modification of the terrain is entirely possible.

Even with Survival Mode’s additional threats, some players are still more than able to completely reshape their worlds and turn previously uninhabitable places into thriving creations. 1 player built a file Maine Craft A base in the middle of the ocean and I spent six months making it a livable location. Others have taken it upon themselves to, rather than just build something, literally reshape the entire world, with one extreme example recreating The End.

what makes Maine Craft So special is that it simply comes down to dedication and imagination. If a player is considering a potential build, there will likely be mechanics in the sandbox title to make that build a reality. Those who succeed in pulling these structures off are the ones who are willing to devote the time needed to get to the desired level of detail. Even after a whole decade, Maine Craft Players are still finding new ways to challenge themselves, and it seems their passion for creativity isn’t waning anytime in the near future.

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Maine Craft Available on all platforms.

source: Next #5979 / Reddit

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