Top 10 Roles of the Period, According to IMDb

Robert Pattinson is the latest actor to take Bruce Wayne’s wand in Matt Reeves Batman. Despite his artistic acclaim and broad artist profile as a performer, there are still comparisons between the new Batman and his early role as a romantic vampire in twilight Series adapted from the epic Stephanie Meyer novel.

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Since then, the actor has distanced himself from the role that catapulted his career. It’s been a decade since he last played Edward Cullen, and yet it’s been so many ages through the period pictures he’s starred in since. From famous explorers, painters and photographers to fantasy preachers and lighthouse keepers, these are the roles IMDb considers his best.

10 Desert Queen – 5.7/10

desert queen

Led by Nicole Kidman, this film takes place during the last years of the Ottoman Empire. It’s a biographical film documenting the life of Gertrude Bell, focusing on the explorer’s romances – a move decried by critics and best reflected in the film’s disappointing IMDb rating.

Pattinson portrays TE Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia. His exhilarating performance drenches this dry, intricate map, as evidenced in more dazzling scenes, such as when Bill and Lawrence share a drink in the desert.

9 life – 6/10


James Dean is one of the most famous names from the 1950s who have been immortalized in pop culture. However, in this film, the focus is not on Dean (Dane DeHaan), but on Dennis Stock – the young photographer who documented the rising star and produced some of his most famous photos.

Stock is one of Pattinson’s most underrated roles. Although not acknowledged, Pattinson’s storytelling helps capture a moment in history that is largely remembered in the footage.

Today display

8 Waiting for the Barbarians – 6/10

Waiting for the barbarians

This adaptation of J.M. Coetzee’s novel follows an unnamed judge (Mark Rylance), a loyal servant of the British Empire, who suffers a struggle of conscience as he witnesses the Empire’s harsh interrogation and treatment of its victims.

In it, Pattinson stars alongside Rylance and Johnny Depp (the colonial oppressor) as one of the film’s main secondary characters. Unlike the conscientious judge who preceded him, Officer Mandel is the embodiment of colonial values ​​and is blindly committed to the cause he serves. Unfortunately, the movie leaves little room for Pattinson to fully breathe life into the character.

7 Little Ashes – 6.4/10

This Spanish-British romance is set against the backdrop of the events leading up to the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939. It’s a tragic love story, documenting the rumored romantic relationship between poet Frederico García Lorca (Javier Beltran) and surrealist painter Salvador Dali.

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The subject matter is carefully handled and developed by all involved in its production. Pattinson’s performance as Dali is poetry. He directs the dystopian artist to paint a vivid picture of a special moment in history while remaining sensitive to the subject at hand.

6 The Lost City of Z – 6.6/10

Major Percival Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam) is based on a true British explorer who went missing while searching for a lost city in the Amazon in the 1920s. The Lost City of Z It is a biographical adventure novel, based on the book of the same name by David Grann.

Pattinson is unrecognizable as Henry Costin, who accompanies Fawcett on his mission to the Amazon. Although he plays the sidekick, he steals hearts with this adorable photo. Not surprisingly, many viewers admit that it’s hard not to favor Costin over the film’s central character.

5 Elephant Water – 6.9 / 10

water for elephants It is a love story based on the historical novel by Sarah Gruen. Although the events are fictional, the setting in which they take place provides a revealing picture of life in the circus during the 1930s. Pattinson takes the romantic lead as serious doctor Jacob Jankowski, who gives up his veterinary training to join the circus as a resident vet.

This archetypal figure became known to the public as a character that recurs throughout Pattinson’s back catalog. He is clearly someone who has mastered it through practice; Magnetism between Jacob and Marlena (Reese Witherspoon) and their relationships with performance animals illuminate this Depression-era piece.

4 Remember Me – 7.1/10

It was not clear until the closing moments that remember me It revolves around the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001. References to the event are tilted, while the plot body focuses on the romance between protagonists Ally Craig (Emilie de Ravin) and the nihilistic Tyler Hawkins.

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Hawkins Pattinson is sensitive and intelligent, but he is also misguided and misunderstood. His defection is a harbinger of the contempt, fear, and absurdity that the nation, and indeed the world, felt after the attacks. Despite criticism about this change being unnecessary, remember me It has a highly respected IMDb rating.

3 Devil all the time – 7.1/10

Satan all the time

starry Satan all the time It is a disturbing adaptation of the 2011 Southern Gothic novel by Donald Ray Bullock. Its plot spans a generation, following a fearsome cast of characters from the end of World War II until the 1960s.

False preacher Reverend Preston Tejardin turns audiences’ perceptions of the actor upside down. No longer a heartthrob or a hopeless romantic, Pattinson’s preacher has become corrupt and disgusting, and uses his power to assault young girls. This role allowed him to play his sinister side to deliver a performance that is equally frightening and impressive.

2 King – 7.3/10

hit Netflix the king Part autobiographical, part adaptation of Shakespeare. It focuses on the hesitant rise of King Henry V (impressive depiction by Timothée Chalamet) and the climax with the famous Battle of Agincourt. Although the film was well received by critics, it has received criticism from historians for its inaccuracies, both historically and with regard to the plays adapted from it.

After we’re used to seeing Pattinson in 20th century settings, it’s refreshing to see him challenge the French Dauphin in this medieval epic. He enjoys the role and brings some buoyancy to the heavy picture, which some of the film’s toughest critics claim is the only reason to watch it. the king.

1 Lighthouse – 7.4 / 10

Robert Pattinson at the Lighthouse

It is not surprising that the A24 is distinguished by its atmosphere beacon takes the lead. It’s an artistic depiction of two reclusive lighthouse keepers fighting to maintain their sanity on a remote island in New England.

Set in the 1890s, performances by Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe add color to this black and white horror. The former was particularly praised for its sledgehammer portrayal of the detached and isolated character. The grip on his performance is sure to strengthen as Thomas Howard softens reality in the face of this nautical nightmare.

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