Overwatch 2 could give Doomfist a major rework

Rumor Overwatch 2 Could Be Giving Doomfist Major Rework

A new leak from Overwatch 2’s alpha build suggests that Doomfist, the DPS character from the original Overwatch, could have gotten a rework.

Rumor Overwatch 2 could give Doomfist a major rework

The start of 2022 is shaping up to be an exciting time for many fans Note and watch Franchise, as long overdue Monitor 2 About to host a multiplayer beta. It will be released at the end of April, and players will have the opportunity to finally check out the expected sequel. However, the wait is already over for some, as a select group of professional gamers and Blizzard employees have gained access to the alpha version of the game. While this early build was supposed to remain private, some information about the game, specifically the Doomfist character, has been able to find its way onto the internet.

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First introduced to the original Note and watch In July 2017, Doomfist is a strong DPS character. As his name suggests, many of his moves involve the use of a giant electronic arm. With this powerful weapon, he can perform devastating combat attacks that send enemies across the map. In addition, it comes with a hand cannon that shoots short-range projectiles at enemies. While these powerful abilities make him a popular choice among many players, a new leak indicates that this character may see a fundamental rework in Monitor 2.

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Recently, a new screenshot of the upcoming one was leaked Monitor 2. The image showed what appeared to be the hero selection screen for the sequel, featuring teams of 5 characters instead of 6. Among the information revealed in this screenshot, perhaps the most noteworthy detail was related to Doomfist. Specifically, his class appears to have changed from DPS to Tank, as evidenced by the shield icon next to the character’s image.

Overwatch 2 hero Select a screenshot

This news is likely to be exciting for many Doomfist fans. However, it should be noted that no other details about this potential rework were disclosed. However, lead designer Jeff Goodman has discussed the idea of ​​changing Doomfist into a Tank character, making this new leak seem more plausible. Regardless, it will be interesting to see what modifications are planned for the character if this leak turns out to be true.

While the potential Doomfist-related rework is noteworthy, it’s not the only information gleaned from this leaked image. In addition, players got a first look at what could be a redesign of Soldier 76, one of the original heroes featured in the series. Note and watch. In the screenshot chosen for the hero, the character image shows him with a white beard and lacking a mask, giving him a new look.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds Monitor 2. Fortunately for fans, the beta version is expected to be released in just a couple of weeks, and more about the game will be revealed soon.

Monitor 2 In development for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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